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Prototype select() Method

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This method takes an arbitrary number of CSS selectors (strings) and returns an array of extended descendants of element that match any of them.

This method is very similar to $$() but can be used within the context of one element, rather than the whole document. The supported CSS syntax is identical, so please refer to the $$() docs for details.


Return Value:


<title>Prototype examples</title>

<script type="text/javascript" 

function showResult()

   var arr = $('apples').select('[title="yummy!"]');
   // returns [h3, li#golden-delicious, li#mutsu]
      alert("First : " + node.nodeName + ': ' + node.innerHTML);

   arr = $('apples').select( 'p#saying', 'li[title="yummy!"]');
   // returns [li#golden-delicious, li#mutsu,  p#saying]
      alert("Second : " + node.nodeName + ': ' + node.innerHTML);

   arr = $('apples').select('[title="disgusting!"]');
   // returns []
      alert("Third : " + node.nodeName + ': ' + node.innerHTML);



  <p id="test">Click the button to see the result.</p>
  <ul id="fruits">
  <li id="apples">
    <h3 title="yummy!">Apples</h3>
    <ul id="list-of-apples">
      <li id="golden" title="yummy!" >Golden</li>
      <li id="mutsu" title="yummy!">Mutsu</li>
      <li id="mcintosh">McIntosh</li>
      <li id="ida-red">Ida Red</li>
    <p id="saying">An apple a day keeps the doctor away.</p>  

  <input type="button" value="Click" onclick="showResult();"/>


To understand it in better way you can Try it yourself.

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