Project Time Management


Here is a list of sample questions which would help you to understand the pattern of questions on Project Time Management being asked in PMP Certification Exams.

You can check our complete set of PMP Mock Exams:

(1) Milestones established by the customer must be adhered to by:

  1. Project manager

  2. Functional managers

  3. The customer

  4. Both a and b


(2) The decision to request an increase the resources for a project is the responsibility of the:

  1. Functional manager

  2. Project manager

  3. Director of project management

  4. Customer

Answer: B

(3) In which of the following project phases is the project schedule developed?

  1. Conceptual

  2. Planning

  3. Implementation

  4. Design

Answer: B

(4) To crash a schedule you should:

  1. Increase the time allowed on those tasks that have float.

  2. Try to increase expenditures of time only those tasks that are behind schedule.

  3. Replace those worker that are not performing up to par with the busy.

  4. Increase work efforts on those tasks that are on the critical path.


(5) The project scope statement furnishes the basis for:

  1. The project scope statement furnishes the basis for:

  2. Provides links to the clients functional management groups

  3. Allowing the project to move to the next phase

  4. A way to provide updated information to the accounting department


(6) Which of the following is NOT one of the primary needs for good project scheduling?

  1. Cutting costs and reducing time

  2. Decreasing the time required for decision making

  3. Eliminating idle time

  4. Developing better trouble shooting procedures.

Answer: D

(7) The time necessary to complete a project is referred to as:

  1. Implementation time

  2. Life cycle

  3. Operations cycle

  4. Production cycle

Answer: B

(8) The successful project managers spend most of their time:

  1. Planning with their personnel

  2. Planning with the top management

  3. Communication with the project team

  4. Studying project results.

Answer: C

(9) Resource leveling attempts to :

  1. Reduce resource requirements by smoothing out period-to period resource assignments.

  2. Ensure that the budget abnormalities are overcome.

  3. Reduce the amount of resources so that they can be shared with on other endeavors.

  4. Increase the amount of the project manager's authority so that budget dollars can be appropriated.

Answer: A

(10) A prerequisite of effective time management is:

  1. Knowing the dictated project completion date

  2. Having the most advanced software package for project planning, scheduling and control

  3. Having a good project WBS which identifies the major project deliverables and tasks, and the person responsible for each of them

  4. Having a well staffed scheduling department

Answer: A