Project Scope Management


Here is a list of sample questions which would help you to understand the pattern of questions on Project Scope Management being asked in PMP Certification Exams.

You can check our complete set of PMP Mock Exams:

(1) The Scope Statement should contain which of the following?

  1. Project schedule

  2. Project budget constraints

  3. Summary of project tasks , deliverables and resources required

  4. Project objectives


(2) The Scope Management Plan is included in which of the following documents.

  1. Project Plan

  2. The Work Breakdown Structure

  3. The Scope Statement

  4. Project Specifications

Answer: C

(3) Project Scope:

  1. is of concern only at the start of the project

  2. is mainly a problem to be handled by the change control procedures during the project execution phase.

  3. Should be managed and controlled from the project concept through close-out

  4. is usually not a problem after the contract or other document authorizing the project has been approved.

Answer: C

(4) The Project charter is created by:

  1. The project manager

  2. Upper management

  3. The Vice President over a functional management group

  4. The customer


(5) The project scope statement furnishes the basis for:

  1. the project scope

  2. Provides links to the clients functional management groups

  3. Allowing the project to move to the next phase

  4. A way to provide updated information to the accounting department


(6) The Scope Baseline is:

  1. the original description of the project's end results

  2. a summary description of the project's original content and end product, including basic budgetary and time constraint data

  3. the original project budget and schedule

  4. a and c

Answer: B

(7) A Project control system:

  1. Monitors and controls the project's schedule, costs, scope, budgets etc

  2. Is a mechanism which reacts to the current project status in order to endure accomplishment of project objectives

  3. Is only needed on large mega projects

  4. Is a system for controlling and executing project documentation in an uniform and timely manner

Answer: A

(8) The PM distributed a document to the stakeholders, which described the software to be developed, the functionality, the users it would serve and the installation timeline. The document was an example of:

  1. Product scope

  2. Project scope

  3. A combination of project and product scope

  4. It was not complete enough to be either a product or a project scope document

Answer: D

(9) Each item of the Work Breakdown Structure is assigned a unique identifier. What is the name of this identifier?

  1. Product ID number

  2. Code of accounts

  3. Quality inspection identifier

  4. Project activity code

Answer: B

(10) When developing a project's scope statement, which of the following should not be included?

  1. Project justification.

  2. Cost/benefit analysis

  3. Project deliverables

  4. Measurable objectives

Answer: A