PMP Sample Questions


Based on PMBOK 4th Edition

Here are 200 objective type sample questions and their answers are given just below to them. This exam is just to give you an idea of type of questions which may be asked in PMP Certification Exams. Even we have taken full care to give correct answers for all the questions but it is recommended to verify these answers.

In examination you will get each question one by one on computer screen

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100 A project is considered complete when the :

  1. BAC is equal to the PV.

  2. The EV is equal to the AC.

  3. The PV is equal to the AC.

  4. The BAC is equal to the EV.

Answer D

101 A particular stakeholder has a reputation for making many changes on projects. What is the best approach a project manager can take at the beginning of the project to manage this situation?

  1. Say "No" to the stakeholder a few times to dissuade him from submitting more changes.

  2. Get the stakeholder involved in the project as early as possible.

  3. Talk to the stakeholder's boss to find ways to direct the stakeholder's activities to another project.

  4. Ask that the stakeholder not be included in the stakeholder listing.

Answer B

102 One of the things that the project manager will not have to worry about in preparing this estimate is:

  1. Activity listings.

  2. Scaling the estimate.

  3. Quantifying the estimate.

  4. Historical support for the figures used

Answer A

103 A major negotiation with a potential subcontractor is scheduled for tomorrow when you discover there is a good chance the project will be cancelled. What should you do?

  1. Do not spend too much time preparing for the negotiations.

  2. Cut the negotiations short.

  3. Only negotiate major items.

  4. Postpone the negotiations.

Answer D

104 A project manager is preparing the budget for the project. There are several inputs to the budgeting process that the project manager will use. One of the things that the project manager will not use is the:

  1. Cost estimates.

  2. Project schedule.

  3. Cost baseline.

  4. Work breakdown structure.

Answer C

105 The project status report is an example of which form of communication?

  1. Formal written communication

  2. Formal verbal communication

  3. Informal written communication

  4. Informal verbal communication

Answer A

106 What are the major advantages of the functional type of organization?

  1. Single point of contact for the customer

  2. Stable organizational structure

  3. Project orientation

  4. Multifunctional teams are easy to form

Answer B

107 The project manager.s leadership style should be matched to the corresponding developmental level of the project team and should move through successive steps in the following order:

  1. Disciplinary, autocratic, participative.

  2. Projectized, matrix, functional.

  3. Team building, team development, responsibility assignment.

  4. Directing, coaching, supporting, delegating.

Answer D

108 In matrix management organizations, if the organization maintains many of the characteristics of the functional organization and the project managers are considered more like project coordinators or expediters, it is called a:

  1. Strong matrix.

  2. Project team.

  3. Weak matrix.

  4. Project office.

Answer C

109 All of the following are part of the scope baseline EXCEPT the:

  1. project scope management plan.

  2. project scope statement.

  3. work breakdown structure.

  4. work breakdown structure dictionary.

Answer A

110 You are asked to select tools and techniques to implement a quality assurance program to supplement existing quality control activities. Which of the following would you choose?

  1. Quality audits

  2. Statistical sampling

  3. Pareto charts

  4. Trend analysis

Answer A

111 The project manager is allocating overall cost estimates to individual activities to establish a baseline for measuring project performance. What process is this?

  1. Cost management

  2. Cost estimating

  3. Cost budgeting

  4. Cost control

Answer C

112 During what part of the project management process is the project scope statement created?

  1. Initiating

  2. Planning

  3. Executing

  4. Monitoring and controlling

Answer B

113 One of the most important duties that the project manager can perform is the function of:

  1. Risk management.

  2. Quality management.

  3. Cost management.

  4. Integration.

Answer D

114 With a clear contract statement of work, a seller completes work as specified, but the buyer is not pleased with the results. The contract is considered to be:

  1. null and void.

  2. incomplete.

  3. complete.

  4. waived.

Answer C

115 The organization that is a formalized structure directed toward the support of the project community within the organization is called

  1. Matrix organization.

  2. Project office.

  3. Project team.

  4. Project management office.

Answer B

116 You have always been asked by your management to cut your project estimate by ten percent after you have given it to them. The scope of your new project is unclear and there are over 30 stakeholders. Management expects a 25 percent reduction in downtime as a result of the project. Which of the following is the BEST course of action in this situation?

  1. Re-plan to achieve a 35 percent improvement in downtime.

  2. Reduce the estimates and note the changes in the risk response plan.

  3. Provide an accurate estimate of the actual costs and be able to support it.

  4. Meet with the team to identify where you can find lo percent savings.

Answer C

117 Which of the following is the best project management tool to use to determine the longest time the project will take?

  1. WBS

  2. Network diagram

  3. Bar chart

  4. Project charter

Answer B

118 In a large organization a project expediter is being used to manage a project for an important client. The position of project expediter would be found in what kind of an organization?

  1. Strong matrix

  2. Weak matrix

  3. Functional

  4. Projectized

Answer B

119 Herzberg divided motivation factors into two classes: satisfiers and dissatisfiers. Examples of satisfiers are:

  1. Vacation time, assignment of a personal staff assistant.

  2. Work satisfaction, fringe benefits.

  3. Plush office space, performance based salary raise.

  4. Sense of personal achievement, work satisfaction.

Answer D

120 The project sponsor has just provided the preliminary project scope statement. What is the NEXT thing to do?

  1. Begin to complete work packages

  2. Complete scope verification

  3. Start integrated change control

  4. Start to create management plans

Answer D

121 Two people are arguing about what needs to be done to complete a work package. if the project manager wants to know what is going on, she should pay MOST attention to:

  1. what is being said and when.

  2. what is being said, who is saying it, and the time of day.

  3. physical mannerisms and what is being said.

  4. the pitch and tone of the voices, and physical mannerisms.

Answer D

122 The skill of listening involves more than just hearing the sounds. One of the characteristics of a good listener is that he or she:

  1. Finishes the speaker.s sentences.

  2. Takes good notes.

  3. Repeats some of the things said.

  4. Agrees with the speaker.

Answer C

123 A manufacturing project has a schedule performance index (SPI) of 0.89 and a cost performance index (CPI) of 0.91. Generally, what is the best explanation for why this occurred?

  1. The scope was changed.

  2. A supplier went out of business and a new one needed to be found.

  3. Additional equipment needed to be purchased.

  4. A critical path activity took longer and needed more labor hours to complete.

Answer D

124 The new software installation project is in progress. The project manager is working with the quality assurance department to improve everyone's confidence that the project will satisfy the quality standards. Which of the following MUST they have before they start this process?

  1. Quality problems

  2. Quality improvement

  3. Quality control measurements

  4. Rework

Answer C

125The project is not completed until:

  1. the project scope is completed, administrative closure is completed and payment is received.

  2. formal acceptance is received, and any other requirements for project closure as stated in the contract are met.

  3. the customer is satisfied and final payment is received.

  4. lessons learned are completed.

Answer B

126 Primary outputs from team development are:

  1. Input to performance appraisals.

  2. High project team morale.

  3. Reduced project cost.

  4. Greater customer satisfaction.

Answer A

127 All of the following are the responsibility of a project manager EXCEPT?

  1. Maintain the confidentiality of customer confidential information.

  2. Determine the legality of company procedures.

  3. Ensure that a conflict of interest does not compromise the legitimate interest of the customer.

  4. Provide accurate and truthful represeqtations in cost estimates.

Answer B

128 One of the mandatory things that a project manager must have in order to have good team building is:

  1. Commitment from top level management.

  2. Co-location of team members.

  3. Establishment of clear negotiated goals.

  4. Open discussion of poor individual performance.

Answer A

129 A project manager for the seller is told by her management that the project should do whatever possible to be awarded incentive money. The primary objective of incentive clauses in a contract is to:

  1. reduce costs for the buyer.

  2. help the seller control costs.

  3. synchronize objectives.

  4. reduce risk for the seller by shifting risk to the buyer.

Answer C

130 A project manager is managing a project where there will be a number of persons working together. She wants to enhance the ability of the team to work together and perform as a team. One of the things that she can do to maximize the ability of the team to do this is:

  1. Cohabitation.

  2. Co-location.

  3. Staffing plan.

  4. Work breakdown structure.

Answer B

131 A project manager will manage a large complicated project that is located in a remote part of Africa. The project will last for five years and will have the product of producing a nuclear reactor that will generate 900 megawatts of power at start-up. The best kind of organization for managing this project is:

  1. Strong matrix management.

  2. Weak matrix management.

  3. Projectized organization.

  4. Functional organization.

Answer C

131 During project executing, a team member comes to the project manager because he is not sure of what work he needs to accomplish on the project. Which of the following documents contain detailed descriptions of work packages?

  1. Work breakdown structure (WBS) dictionary

  2. Activity list

  3. Preliminary project scope statement

  4. Project scope management plan

Answer A

132 According to McGregor.s concept of theory X and theory Y, which of the following statements is true?

  1. Theory Y managers view their subordinates as lazy, irresponsible, and resistant to change.

  2. Theory Y managers view their subordinates as creative, imaginative,and agreeable to change.

  3. Theory X managers tend to delegate authority.

  4. McGregor did not conceive of theory X and theory Y.

Answer B

133 You are asked to prepare a budget for completing a project that was started last year and then shelved for six months. All the following would be included in the budget except ?

  1. Fixed costs

  2. Sunk costs

  3. Direct costs

  4. Variable costs

Answer B

134 You have just been assigned as project manager for a large manufacturing project. This one-year project is about halfway done. It involves five different sellers and 20 members of your company on the project team. You want to quickly review where the project now stands. Which of the following reports would be the most helpful in finding such information?

  1. Work status

  2. Progress

  3. Forecast

  4. Communications

Answer B

135 The customer on a project tells the project manager he has run out of money to pay for the project. What should the project manager do first?

  1. Shift more of the work to later in the schedule to allow time for the customer to get the funds.

  2. Enter administrative closure.

  3. Stop work.

  4. Release part of the project team.

Answer B

136 Which of the following is true of management by objectives (MBO)?

  1. The supervisor establishes performance objectives.

  2. The supervisor sets the general objectives and the subordinate reviews and agrees to them.

  3. Objectives do not need to be quantifiable.

  4. The supervisor and the employee jointly establish performance objectives.

Answer D

137 The Monte Carlo technique can be used to:

  1. Determine the amount of contingency budget needed for the project.

  2. Determine the amount of the management reserve.

  3. Determine the criticality index for an activity in the schedule.

  4. Determine the risk index for a risk in the project.

Answer C

138 A project manager has been overwhelmed with problems on his project. He would like to identify the root cause of the problems in order to determine where to focus his attention. Which of the following tools would be BEST for the project manager to use?

  1. Pareto chart

  2. Conflict resolution techniques

  3. Fishbone diagram

  4. Trend analysis

Answer C

139 The client demands changes to the product specification that will add only two weeks to the critical path. Which of the following is the best thing for the project manager to do?

  1. Compress the schedule to recover the two weeks.

  2. Cut scope to recover the two weeks.

  3. Consult with the sponsor before taking any action.

  4. Advise the client of the impact of the change.

Answer C

140 Lag means:

  1. the amount of time an activity can be delayed without delaying the project finish date.

  2. the amount of time an activity can be delayed without delaying the early start date of its successor.

  3. waiting time.

  4. the product of a forward and backward pass.

Answer C

141 A routine audit of a cost reimbursable (CR) contract determines that overcharges are being made. If the contract does not specify corrective action, the buyer should:

  1. continue to make project payments.

  2. halt payments until the problem is corrected.

  3. void the contract and start legal action to recover overpayments.

  4. change the contract to require more frequent audits.

Answer A

142 A project manager is in the middle of the executing process of a verylarge construction project when he discovers that the time needed to complete the project is longer than the time available. What is the BEST thing to do?

  1. Cut product scope.

  2. Meet with management and tell them that the required date cannot be met.

  3. Work overtime.

  4. Determine options for schedule compression and present management with your recommended option.

Answer D

143 You are a new project manager who has never managed a project before. You have been asked to plan a new project. It would be BEST in this situation to rely on during planning in order to improve your chance of success.

  1. your intuition and training

  2. stakeholder analysis

  3. historical information

  4. configuration management

Answer C

144 During the project life cycle, in which part of the life cycle will risk be the lowest?

  1. Initiation

  2. Planning

  3. Execution

  4. Closeout

Answer D

145 A project manager is managing a project where a risk occurs. There is no plan to respond to this risk. The response to a negative risk event that has no plan is called:

  1. Repair order.

  2. Workaround.

  3. Risk mitigation.

  4. Risk deflection.

Answer B

146 A project manager is dealing with risk analysis on a software development project. There is a risk that the module that creates the most important report that the system will create will not work properly and will require 200 person-hours to correct. The project manager decides to do nothing about this risk. Which of the following risk strategies is the project manager employing?

  1. Acceptance

  2. Avoidance

  3. Mitigation

  4. Deflection

Answer A

147 A trucking company expects to purchase 525 truck tires over the next year for their fleet. The company places a blanket order for the tires to a local tire vendor. At the end of a year the company has only purchased 500 of the tires. What should be done to close the contract?

  1. The trucking company should pay for the 25 tires and the tire vendor should deliver them.

  2. The total price of the blanket order should be adjusted.

  3. The contract should be closed because the year is up and no adjustments are necessary.

  4. A new blanket order should be negotiated.

Answer A

148 You are the project manager for a large project under contract with the government. The contract for this two year, multi-million dollar project was signed six months ago. You were not involved in contract negotiations or setting up procedures for managing changes, but now you are swamped with changes from the customer and from people inside your organization. Who is normally responsible for formally reviewing major changes to the projectlcontract?

  1. The change control board

  2. The contractingllegal department

  3. The project manager

  4. Senior management

Answer A

149 Which of the following media can a communicator use to present information?

  1. Visual

  2. Audio and visual

  3. Tactile

  4. Visual, audio, and tactile

Answer D

150 A project manager managing any project should perform risk analysis at what stage of the project:

  1. Just before any major meeting with the client.

  2. On a regular basis throughout the project.

  3. Only when justified by the awareness of new risks becoming a possibility.

  4. When preparing the project plan.

Answer B

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