Project Communication Management


Here is a list of sample questions which would help you to understand the pattern of questions on Project Communication Management being asked in PMP Certification Exams.

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(1) Which of the following can cause a communication barrier?

  1. Differing perceptions as to project goals and objectives

  2. Insufficient action on the part of the project manager

  3. Competition for facilities, equipment, material, manpower and other resources

  4. Personality conflicts between managers and/ or other personnel

  5. Resistance to change

  6. All of the above


(2) Most of the project manager's external communication links consist of:

  1. Written documents

  2. Oral communication

  3. Tactile contact

  4. Informal contact

Answer: A

(3) The critical element in a project's communication system is the:

  1. Progress report

  2. Project directive

  3. Project manager

  4. Customer

Answer: C

(4) Communication management:

  1. Is important only in projects involving telephone, television, radio, or newspaper production facilities and operations

  2. Is not a big problem for people with normal speech, sight and hearing

  3. Involves the originator, the message, the medium and the receiver

  4. Preparing an agenda


(5) Truly effective communication:

  1. Depends on using multiple channels

  2. Depends on selecting the right method for each message and avoiding duplication, since everyone is overloaded with information

  3. Cannot depend solely on non-verbal signals which might be misunderstood

  4. Can only be achieved by communication professional

  5. a, b and c


(6) Methods of transmitting include:

  1. Oral and written

  2. Non-verbal/ visual

  3. Tactile, involuntary and intuitive

  4. All of the above

Answer: D

(7) A project management information system consists of:

  1. A project management software package operating on appropriate computer facilities

  2. Hardware, software, documents, and procedures

  3. Automated and manual methods for gathering, recording, filtering, and dissemination of pertinent information for members of a project team

  4. All of the above

Answer: D

(8) The process of communication contains four major parts. Which part is the vehicle or method used to convey the message?

  1. Communicator

  2. Message

  3. Medium

  4. Recipient

Answer: C

(9) The contemporary view of conflict is that:

  1. Conflict is bad

  2. Conflict is caused by trouble makers

  3. Conflict should be avoided

  4. Conflict is often beneficial

Answer: D

(10) Approximately what percentage of the project manager's time is spent in some form of communication, such as: conferences, meetings, writing memos, reading and preparing reports, and talking with project team members, upper management, and all other stalk holders?

  1. 10-20%

  2. 50-70%

  3. 75-90%

  4. 21-45%

Answer: C