PHP - Function debug_backtrace()



array debug_backtrace ( void );

Definition and Usage

Returns an associative array. The possible returned elements are as follows −

Name Type Description
function string The current function name.
line integer The current line number.
file string The current file name.
class string The current class name.
object string The current Object.
type string The current call type. If a method call, "->" is returned. If a static method call, "::" is returned. If a function call, nothing is returned.
arg array If inside a function, this lists the functions arguments. If inside an included file, this lists the included file name(s).


Parameter Description
void NA.

Return Value

Returns an associative array as described in the description.


Following is the usage of this function −

   function printStr($str)
      echo "Hi: $str";

This will produce the following result −

Hi: friendarray(1) {
   array(4) {
      ["file"]=> string(36) "/var/www/tutorialspoint/php/test.php"
      ["line"]=> int(8)
      ["function"]=> string(8) "printStr"
      ["args"]=> array(1) {
         &string(6) "friend"