PHP - Function date_timezone_set()



void date_timezone_set ( DateTime $object, DateTimeZone $timezone )

void DateTime::setTimezone ( DateTimeZone $timezone )

Definition and Usage

These functions set the time zone for the DateTime object

The above two functions are equivalent and any of the functions can be used as shown below in the example.


Parameter Description
object Required. DateTime object
timezone Required. Desired time zone in object form

Return Value

Returns NULL on success or FALSE on failure.


Following is the usage of this function −

   $dateSrc = '2007-04-19 12:50 GMT';
   $dateTime = date_create( $dateSrc);
   $DateTimeZone = timezone_open ( 'America/Chicago' );
   date_timezone_set( $dateTime, $DateTimeZone );
   $NewDateTimeZone = date_timezone_get($dateTime);
   echo 'New timeZone is '. timezone_name_get($NewDateTimeZone);
   echo "\n";

   # Using second function.
   $dateTime = new DateTime($dateSrc);
   $DateTimeZone = timezone_open ( 'America/Chicago' );
   $dateTime->setTimezone( $DateTimeZone );
   $NewDateTimeZone = $dateTime->getTimezone ();
   echo 'New timeZone is '. timezone_name_get ($NewDateTimeZone);

This will produce the following result −

New timeZone is America/Chicago
New timeZone is America/Chicago