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Parrot Installation

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Before we start, lets download one latest copy of Parrot and install it on our machine.

Parrot download link is avaible here Parrot CVS Snapshot, so download latest version of Parrot and to install it follow the following steps.

  • Unzip and untar the downloaded file.

  • Make sure you already have Perl 5 installed on your machine.

  • Now do the followings

% cd parrot
% perl
Parrot Configure
Copyright (C) 2001 Yet Another Society
Since you're running this script, you obviously have
Perl 5 -- I'll be pulling some defaults from its configuration.
  • You'll then be asked a series of questions about your local configuration; you can almost always hit return for each one.

  • Finally, you'll be told to type make test_prog and Parrot will successfully build the test interpreter

  • Now we should run some tests; so type make test and you should see a readout like the following:

perl t/harness
t/op/basic.....ok,1/2 skipped:label constants unimplemented in
t/op/string....ok, 1/4 skipped:  I'm unable to write it!
All tests successful, 2 subtests skipped.
Files=2, Tests=6,......

By the time you read this, there could be more tests, and some of those which skipped might not skip - but make sure that none of them should fail!

Once you have a parrot executable installed, you can check out the various types of examples given in Parot Examples section. Also you can check out the examples directory in the parrot repository.

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