Java - String regionMatches() Method



This method has two variants which can be used to test if two string regions are equal.


Here is the syntax of this method:

public boolean regionMatches(int toffset,
                             String other,
                             int ooffset,
                             int len)


public boolean regionMatches(boolean ignoreCase,
                             int toffset,
                             String other,
                             int ooffset,
                             int len)


Here is the detail of parameters:

  • toffset -- the starting offset of the subregion in this string.

  • other -- the string argument.

  • ooffset -- the starting offset of the subregion in the string argument.

  • len -- the number of characters to compare.

  • ignoreCase -- if true, ignore case when comparing characters.

Return Value:

  • It returns true if the specified subregion of this string matches the specified subregion of the string argument; false otherwise. Whether the matching is exact or case insensitive depends on the ignoreCase argument.



public class Test{
   public static void main(String args[]){
      String Str1 = new String("Welcome to");
      String Str2 = new String("Tutorials");
      String Str3 = new String("TUTORIALS");

      System.out.print("Return Value :" );
      System.out.println(Str1.regionMatches(11, Str2, 0, 9));

      System.out.print("Return Value :" );
      System.out.println(Str1.regionMatches(11, Str3, 0, 9));

      System.out.print("Return Value :" );
      System.out.println(Str1.regionMatches(true, 11, Str3, 0, 9));

This produces the following result:

Return Value :true
Return Value :false
Return Value :true