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Euphoria Overview

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Euphoria is a free, simple, flexible, easy to learn, and interpreted but extremely fast 32-bit high-level programming language for DOS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and more.

Euphoria's first incarnation was created by Robert Craig on an Atari Mega-ST and it was first released in 1993. It is now maintained by Rapid Deployment Software.

Euphoria stands for End-User Programming with Hierarchical Objects for Robust Interpreted Applications.

Euphoria is being used to develop Windows GUI programs, high-speed DOS games, and Linux/FreeBSD X Windows programs. Euphoria can also be used for CGI (Web-based) programming.

Euphoria Features:

Here is the list of major features supported by Euphoria:

Platform Requirements:

Euphoria is available on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and OSX. Here is the bare minimum version required for all the platforms:

Euphoria Limitations:

But now a days, language is getting popular very fast and hope to have nice utilities and books available for the language very soon.

Euphoria Licensing:

This product is free and open source, and has benefited from the contributions of many people. You have complete royalty-free rights to distribute any Euphoria programs that you develop.

Icon files, such as euphoria.ico and binaries available in euphoria\bin, may be distributed with or without your changes.

You can shroud or bind your program and distribute the resulting files royalty-free. Some additional 3rd-party legal restrictions might apply when you use the Euphoria To C Translator.

The generous Open Source License allows both personal and commercial use, and unlike many other open source licenses, your changes do not have to be made open source.

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