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ebXML Summary

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This tutorial tought you what is ebXML and what are its various elements. You have seen complete architecture of ebXML technology. You have seen that the value proposition of ebXML is that it provides the consistent business semantics and the standard technical infrastructure for exchanges between businesses. You have explored a realy example on usage of ebXML.

From this tutorial we concluded:

  • ebXML is a worldwide project to standardize the exchange of electronic business data.

  • ebXML is a group of related specifications that cover analysis of Business Processes and Business Documents.

  • ebXML is to enable consistent, secure, and interoperable message exchange XML-based infrastructure.

  • ebXML is supported by hundreds of industry consortia, standards bodies, companies, and individuals from around the world.

What is Next ?

Hope now you have basic understanding of ebXML. But now you have to explore it more deeply. To go in detail you would need fore references and resources. We have given a list of other ebXML resources in next session.

Did you find ebXML interesting ? How was our tutorial, please send us your feedback at

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