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ebXML Architecture

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By definition, the iterative life cycle of B2B collaboration includes following steps:

  • Process Definition
  • Partner Discovery
  • Partner Sign-up
  • Electronic Plug-in
  • Process Execution
  • Process Management
  • Process Evolution

The overall ebXML specifications are intended to cover almost the entire process of B2B collaboration and are designed to meet the needs described above.

ebXML architecture as defined by ebXML team provides:

  • A way to define business processes and their associated messages and content.
  • A way to register and discover business process sequences with related message exchanges.
  • A way to define company profiles.
  • A way to define trading partner agreements.
  • A uniform message transport layer.

Consequently, the technical architecture of ebXML is composed of five modules:

  1. Business Process Specifications
  2. Partner Profile and Agreements
  3. Registry and Repository
  4. Core Components
  5. Messaging Service

These modules will be covered in next five subsequent chapters. Below is the diagram showing simplified architecture of ebXML.

ebXML Architecture
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