AWS Quicksight - Insights

Amazon uses its machine learning capabilities to analyze your data and provide insights. The insights show you the trends in the data, help in forecasting business metrics and identify key drivers. It saves lot of your time to analyze and create them manually. With the help of insights, you can easily understand various points which help you to determine and make best decisions, and achieve your goals.

Once you click on the Insights, the left panel displays the automatically calculated and created insights by Quicksight under “Suggested Insights

Suggested Insights

If you hover on the right of each insight heading, you will see a “+” sign and 3 dotes. The “+” sign is used to add the insight to your analysis while the 3 dotes gives you option to add in filters to existing insights. To add an insight, click on the “Add” sign at the top and click on “Add insights”.

You can further choose the computation type you want to perform and add that insight to your analysis. “Forecast” and Anomaly detection are powered by machine learning and are available in “Enterprise edition” of Quicksight