Aurelia - Dependency Injections


In this chapter, you will learn how to use Aurelia dependency injection library.

First, we need to create new file dependency-test.js inside src folder. In this file, we will create a simple class DependencyTest. This class will be later injected as a dependency.


export class DependencyTest {
   constructor() {
      this.test = "Test is succesfull!!!";


In our app.js file, we are importing inject library and DependencyTest class that we created above. To inject the class we are using @inject() function. Our App class will just log it to the developer console.

import {inject} from 'aurelia-framework';
import {DependencyTest} from './dependency-test';


export class App {
   constructor(DependencyTest) {

We can check the console to see that the DependencyTest class is injected.

Aurelia Dependency Injection Log

There will more examples of Aurelia dependency injection in the next chapters.