ZIPme, Make Flashable Zip File on Android

Unstable Android ROMs, a time-consuming flash app with restoring backups. People, who regularly use Android ROMs, know the pain of restoring backup every time with so many steps, it is really very time consuming. It is better to get single flashable zip with all apps, data and preferences, used to flash any file without restoring anything. It’s called ZIPme created by Jared Rummler.
Jared Rummler, an owner of the company “JRummy Apps”, created various splendid applications like; root browser, ROM Toolbox, Font Installer and many-more. But now Jared Rummler has created very useful and wonderful tool “ZIPme” that creates a flashable ZIP of anything like; Apps (including data), build.prop settings, bootanimation, system fonts, accounts, system settings, messages, wallpapers, hosts and many-more.

ZIPme is a powerful and truly wonderful tool that allow users to create a flashable ZIP simply within few minutes while choosing components that is included in the ZIP (Apps, build.prop file, boot animation, hosts or system fonts) and after a complete wipe, immediately flash the ZIP to get all of the data back – It is really wonderful to transform any file into Flashable Zip.

Download ZIPme app to transform any file into Flashable Zip

Go to Url: “” to download free ZIPme v1.0 with simple interface. Requires Android: 2.0 and up.

The +ADD feature facilitates to add Apps, Data, System, File or Folder type formats to be created into a single flashable zip file.

Click on Apps to select to backup downloaded apps, system apps and others, as a separate or together app with backed-up app data. After this process, apps will be added to the main page.
Use Data, System, File and Folder type formats in a same manner as Apps. Select applications and click on “CREATE” to create back of all applications. After creation, save the file, change the default name of the file, press “OK” to finish. Like this process, user gets their flashable zip that can be flash in Android recovery anytime.


This app works fine, has a wonderful and easy to use “user interface” and creates flashable zip very gently. Although, it is in beta version, while using there may be a chances of bugs and hiccups.

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