Windows 8 vs iOS –Which one is better?

Windows 8 is the most recent release of the Windows Operating System by Microsoft and the iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple which was originally developed for the use of Apple’s iPhone however with time it’s use has been extended to the AppleTV, iPad etc. Therefore iOS is a mobile version of the OS X operating system by Apple used in Apple computers.


Windows 8 vs iOS

When choosing between the two, most people believe that the Windows 8 is a better option. While Apple has its own perks and is very addictive, the Windows 8 tablet is now being considered the perfect alternative for the iPad.

There is a list of five things that prove that Windows 8 is a better option compared to the iOS.

    1. Processor:

    It’s processor is 1GHz with PAE, NX and SSE2 support.

    2. Memory (RAM):

    For an architecture of 1A-32 (32-bit) it has a 1 GB memory.

    For architecture of x64 (64-bit) it has a 2 GB memory.

    3. Storage:

    For an architecture of 32-bits it has a storage of 16 GB.

    For architecture of 64-bits it has storage of 20 GB.

    4.Snap Screen:

    Not only does the Windows 8 offer system-wide multi tasking (a feature unavailable in iOS) Windows 8 also includes a snap screen feature. This allows the user to view two active apps on his screen at the same time.

    5. Live tiles:

    Even though Apple is considered to be best at delivering exciting and hip new technology the Windows 8 has come up with a best Start Menu the world has ever seen. This form of display was first introduced in the Xbox 360 and was called Metro and now it is available in tablets and computers as well. The app icons on the start menu are represented by live tiles that can provide upcoming, ongoing and latest information all in one place. They can be easily customized.

    6. Settings:

    Another cool feature in the Windows 8 is how the setting of each app are built in the app itself. This is somewhat similar to the settings features that Android uses, allowing the user to customize all his apps in his own way.


    Windows 8 vs iOS

    7. Appearance of a file system:

    Since Windows 8 uses the modern Ul there are no traditional folders anymore and you cannot drag and drop files anymore. The modern Ul introduces another file system every time you run a search from the Charms bar.

    iOS does not offer any such file systems. If you search something in the iOS it shows results of the installed apps with the filename you entered. This is not a full file search because it does not let you create fully manageable and accessible files.

    8. Internet Explorer:

    The latest version of the Internet Explorer is far better than Safari. It has a steaming fast engine, there’s a “flip ahead” feature which allows you to swipe between articles with the swipe of your finger and last but not least it includes an icon-driven, color-coded favorite’s design which does not just rely on text. It not only looks appealing but also makes accessing your favorites a lot easier and faster.

    Although all these facts make Windows 8 the perfect alternate for the iPad there is one big flaw in Windows 8 which still puts iOS neck to neck with it. It is the fact that Microsoft’s mobile platform does not even include a small section of all the exciting third party apps that iOS has to offer. And this single set back makes it hard to conclude which one of the two would win the title of being the best tablet so far.

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