WannaCry? – No Need!

Security threats and vulnerabilities are common in the cyber world, unless until it creates a huge impact in the society. Recent cyber attack (WannaCry Ransomware Attack) had created a huge impact on Internet users and organizations. Few were unable to understand the situation of the system and most of them don’t know what made their system to get affected. Basically, ransomware is malware, which will encrypt the data and look for ransom to decrypt the data. If the system is connected to the network, it will be spreading across the systems. This ransomware attack wannacry had created a huge impact in terms of sheer scale (size of attack) and has really taken the social media by storm.

For many organizations, data is considered as Gold. Generally, attacks on data are always considered as the highest priority issue in cyber security. Although this attack is economically a failure, it is always good to consider preventing this kind of issue than taking steps to remove them.

This article will give top 5 tips to avoid such attacks in the future.

Exe file – Attachment

Executable files are the major reason for the cyber security attacks, as they get executed in the system without any permission. Basically, these .exe files will either connect the system with external environment or create a problem or they will create an internal disturbance to the data. One should be very careful while transferring the executable files across the user. It is always recommended to use a shared network to transfer the Exe file than sharing via mail.  It is always a good practice to not download Exe files from the mail. The best way to identify the nature of the file sent via attachment is to scroll over the attachment symbol. It will display the name of the file along with file extension. If it is an Exe file, mostly the file extensions will not be displayed. Avoid downloading such files, irrespective of the user.

Beyond Exe files, most of the malware is spread via image attachments and links. It is always good not to download such images and click unwanted links from the mail. One should be very careful with the links shared via messengers such as Whatsapp and

One should also be very careful with links shared via messengers such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, as they are one of the main sources of attacks.

The best way to share the files via Internet is to use common cloud drives like Google drive and cloud drives.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software has become one of the essential components of the computer system. Most of the computer manufacturers provide initial free antivirus software for the user. Most of the users, either they avoid to extend the service or they use pirated antivirus software. These are the biggest blunders made by the desktop users. Pirated software will not be able to identify the new attack. Only the original licensed version of the antivirus software will be updated with code to prevent new attacks. Most of the pirated software are developed by the hackers and attackers, which predominantly help them to have an easy attack on the system. It is always recommended to have a licensed version of the antivirus.

And most of the users skip the antivirus scan, before interacting with the external devices such as pen drives and hardware. It is always essential to have a proper update of antivirus software and a proper scan of the system, external devices to avoid security threats.

Physical backup – Cloud Storage

In the current world, Data is considered as Gold. Data theft and Data loss are the major threats with the golden data. It is essential for a user and an organization to protect the gold from the attack. Antivirus software will detect the virus and malware in the system, but most them cannot take any action on that. Only the user should remove the files and format the drive. Only certain antivirus software has the option to remove the virus and malware from the system. Hence it is the responsibility of the user to safeguard the data from the attack. Although it is costly, the best way is to have an external backup of data. At least the essential data can be taken external backup.

Internal backup and cloud storage back also have the chance of getting attacked. Hence it is always recommended to have a strong external backup of important data to continue the business. Having the physical backup of the entire data center is not possible as it will cost high. Having the backup of important data will not affect the cost. It is always good to give importance to the data than the cost. Data will help the user and organization to earn more than the cost.

One should be very careful while using the external backup. External devices should not be connected with the system when there is connectivity to the Internet. This will affect the data in the external device also. The external device should be connected with nil net connection and antivirus scan.

Online > Offline

Most of the virus, malware is transmitted through the images and videos hosted on the website, especially via porn websites. These websites are hosted on an unknown domain and unknown user, of course, most of them are hosted by the hackers and attackers. It is one of the easy media to transmit the unwanted data into a system. It is always recommended to watch videos, or movies and porn related stuff directly from the website than downloading to the local machine. It is always recommended to watch any kind of video or images from trusted websites such as YouTube than an unknown website.

Port Check and Request Check

Port check and request check is one the common activity for an organization which can also be extended by the desktop user. One should very careful with the incoming and outgoing request via unknown ports. It is always good to use known ports than using unknown ports (Use only if it is recommended by the application).  The user should have a common understanding on the port and port scanning to avoid security threats. System administrators and infrastructure developers will be the right person to approach for implementing the port scanning in the desktop computers.