Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner That Reads Through Glass and Metal

These days, mobile phones are not only for making and receiving calls, its usage goes beyond that from performing banking transactions to online shopping and much more. While all these facilities over a Smartphone save our time and efforts, there are potential risks of sensitive data falling into wrong hands. So, it is highly important to secure your phone in such a way that only you or yours trusted persons have the access to your phone, not any trespassers.

There is a huge risk associated with mobile phones having several active financial and social applications. And the risk multiplies into many folds when we kept logging in into various accounts without setting up individual passwords for each of them for our convenience. That is a very common practice among many users that once you open up their mobile phones then you can find most of the applications like Facebook, Whats app, Twitter and even few banking or financial related sites are open and running actively. Imagine, when those user’s phone falls into a wrong hand, the intruders can read the private messages, post any messages that can dent the reputations and even cause financial losses.

Fingerprint Scanner

But you don’t have to worry more, now many Smartphones are coming with the fingerprint scanner. Not only the high end but the medium range phones are also providing fingerprint scanning facility to protect your phone from prying eyes.

Though the fingerprint scanners are to provide you the ultimate security, unfortunately, all of them are not up to the mark. You may struggle at times to open your phone by scanning your finger again and again. And in some cases, the scanner can be tricked to get access. But not with the latest Qualcomm’s Sense ID, the ultrasonic scanner that provides high-level security and allows fingerprint scanning through glass and metal.

Before moving to Qualcomm’s Sense ID, let us first discuss the types of scanners to know how this ultrasonic scanner has an upper edge over others.

Optical Fingerprint Scanners

This is the oldest method of fingerprints scanning technique. These days, you may not find any new mobile with this optical fingerprint scanner. Technologies have changed a lot since its evolution. Let us discuss more on it.

  • The accuracy of this technique is not up to the mark. The optical fingerprint scanner captures an optical image of the finger and then uses algorithms to detect unique patterns on the surface
  • It tries to identify and stores elevations and unique marks on the finger images and also analyses the lightest and darkest areas of the image.
  • The design of this optical fingerprint scanner are bit bulky as it uses LED lights to light up the finger while scanning
  • This old technique of fingerprint scanning only captures 2D pictures, not the 3D image as many these days’ scanners are offering
  • These scanners were not secure enough to safeguard your sensitive data. People can break the protection by using prosthetics or high-quality pictures of fingers to get the required access

The weak security in optical scanners pushes the technology to evolve and invent a stronger protective scanner that is called – Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner.

Capacitive Fingerprints Scanners

These types of scanners are more secure than the optical scanners. These days most of the mobile phones – mainly the phones in the medium and high price tags are equipped with this scanner. It is tough to make fool to these scanners. Let us see how these scanners work –


  • When you scan your finger on these scanners, it uses arrays tiny capacitor circuits on the surface of the scanner to store and track the details of your fingerprint
  • Your finger ridges and gaps exactly recorded by an analogue-to-digital converter, thus making it tougher to break
  • It stores unique and distinctive attributes of each scanned fingers to enable perfect matching when you use next time
  • No one can easily make fool to these types of scanners by using prosthetic or high-quality image to get access to your mobile
  • The only option to break this security can be possible either by hacking the hardware or software of your phone

The phones having capacitive scanners are little costly than the normal phones. Though, this technology is hard to break but, there are complaints from users that it often requires several attempts to scan the result correctly. This gives way for another amazing scanner called Ultrasonic Scanners.

Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanners

The ultrasonic scanners are the latest entry into the fingerprint scanning technology. So far, this is the best technology which uses the ultrasonic sensor to scan your fingers. Let us discuss on these amazing scanners.

This amazing scanner works with an ultrasonic transmitter and a receiver. It scanned your finger using ultrasonic pulse to perfectly judge the ridges, pores, and other finger patterns. Its 3D capture technique makes it more unique and secured, better than the capacitive scanners

The latest announcements from Qualcomm offering their next generation fingerprint scanner which is based on this ultrasonic fingerprint scanner technique.

Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic Scanners

Qualcomm announced the Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense ID 3D fingerprint technology, the latest in cutting-edge biometric fingerprint authentication. The company claims that it is the first comprehensive mobile biometric solution based on ultrasonic technology.

There are certain prominent advantages of this ultrasonic scanner over the capacitive scanners. Let us see some of the amazing features of Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense ID.

  • The Snapdragon Sense ID captures your fingerprint using high-frequency sound waves and creates the unique 3D images. Hence maintains high-level accuracy and consistency
  • Using the sound waves it can store the minute details of your finger including ridge endings, bifurcations, and even sweat pores, which make every fingerprint a unique to itself
  • It can scan your wet fingers too with high accuracy that allows scanning at any moment without worrying to dry your finger
  • Another highlight of this amazing technology is that it can scan through your mobile cover glass, aluminum, sapphire, plastics and even stainless steel.
  • The improved biometric authentication makes this scanner a highly secured one which is very tough to spoof. Hence the biggest worry of yours ceases with this technology
  • No need to remember passwords for your online shopping or any other financial transaction. This technology allows you to perform the transaction by scanning your finger.

The Snapdragon Sense ID 3D fingerprint technology is compatible with the mobile phones that use Snapdragon 400 series, 600 series, and 800 series processors. So, if you want to have these amazing features to secure your data from unwanted intruders then find the mobile that offering this facility and buy it as per your convenient.

Finally, the fingerprint scanning technology is slightly pricey when it comes with your mobile devices, but it gives high-end security to your mobile data. It is also more convenient than setting multiple passwords for each and every application. The Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sense ID is an amazing technology which is not only secure the access to your phone with unique fingerprints scanners but also secure all your application. This technology does not allow anyone to access your application without scanning your finger.

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