Transferring Files To Android Devices

Android devices have gone viral now. Be it a phone or tablet, you would need to have file transferred to and from the device. It would be good to get some movies, images or music from the desktop onto your device. There are many methods to get the files moved on to the Android devices from other devices be it based on Mac or Windows. They can be done through the wireless medium or through the USB connection on the system.

For most of the devices, the techniques for transferring the files are the same. However there can be slight variations depending on the brand though they would be marginal. The older versions of the Android devices had the USB storage option in them which enabled storing files there but that has been taken off from the later versions. The USB however, can be used for transferring the data.

Requirements for enabling file transfer

The file transfers from a Mac or Windows based systems to the Android devices needs certain requirements that needs to be fulfilled. Transferring files from Mac platforms would be possible only on Mac OS X 10.5 and later versions. The Android devices must be based on the Android version 3.0 or above. The Android phone must have the File Transfer software installed on it. The USB connection on both the devices must be enabled.

Moving files from Mac to Android

  • Step 1: Getting the File Transfer software.For the transfer to take place, the Android tablet or smart pone to which the file is transferred must have the File transfer software installed in them. This can be had from the official site of Android in the file transfer section. After downloading run it o the device to get it installed.

  • Step 2: Connecting the devices.The transfer is done through the wired medium. The Android device can be connected to the Mac system with the help of the USB port. The USB cable supplied along with the device can be used for this purpose.

  • Step 3: Transferring the files.On connection the Android phone will be detected on the Mac system. Get the File Transfer software opened it and browse inside it for the Mac folders containing the files that you would like to transfer to your phone or tablet. On selecting the desired files from the browse window, they would get installed on it automatically.

  • Moving files from Windows to Android

    • Step 1: Establishing the connection.The primary step required for the file transfer is to get the devices connected. This can be done by having them connected together through the USB, probably with the microUSB connection cable. This cable would be supplied along with the device at the time of purchase.

    • Step 2: Choosing the right option.As soon as the connection is made a popup menu appears with options for viewing the files. Now select the ‘Import’ option and select the files to be imported. In case you are dealing with music files, it would be better to choose the ‘sync’ option to have them synced with the Media player of the Android device. In case you intend to transfer a variety of files, it would be better to choose the ‘open device to view files’ option.

    • Step 3: Follow instructions to complete file transfer. Based on the option selected in the above step, the file transfer software will display the instructions to proceed. Follow them carefully to have the file transfer completed successfully.


    The file transfer has a lot advantages. They can act as a backup storage too. However the PC and the Android device must be clear of bugs or viruses in order to ensure safe transfer. The Android device has specific folders for storing each type of data. It is always advisable to maintain this and have the transferred files copied to their respective folders. This is ideal for the proper working of the device.

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