The Rules of Twitter Tweets

When considering using Twitter as a method of social media to effectively market a product, service or website, there are many experts who have evaluated the success rate for tweets. Many people who utilize Twitter already may be just doing it for personal reasons as a means to write something out for others to read on the world wide web. Many celebrities post tweets all the time but there is more to this information network than just the latest gossip but instead as a business building tool to encourage more traffic to visit a website or learn more about a product or service.


Twitter in Business

Businesses that operate online can create a much bigger business plan that is pretty inexpensive and consumes little time. It is a great method to use in a marketing plan and can be done quickly and even on the go. The best tips are outlined below but one must consider that tweets should be both interesting and relevant or otherwise they are of no use to the followers of the tweets.

On average, people spend a lot of time on the go and spend a large portion of that time checking out what is going on in the online networks provided by social media outlets. To reach those people and get them to respond or take action, tweets should be either informative or ask followers to take action by clicking on a link to a website ‘now.’


Rules of Twitter Tweets

A Well-Thought Out Method

When considering the posts that you put on Twitter or on any other social media outlet, you need to be able to provide followers with interaction, entertainment, information and be able to turn it into business. When you are serious about your Tweets, do them in a timely fashion so as to not overwhelm your followers, after a little time and effort, your free marketing method will pull through and create results for your business.

When it comes to interaction, this should be a large portion of your number of tweets. You are simply communicating with others just through a different method than traditional business was done in the last ten years. You do not just broadcast information but instead, use this as a customer service method. Talk to your potential customers and think of Twitter as a way to talk to people at all hours of the day. Though you may not be able to respond immediately, think of it as a focus group and do not just write your own thoughts. Instead, ask your followers to respond with feedback. Ask them questions about their products and ask about their thoughts. It will make this type of communication seem to be more personable though it is done online.

Next up is to entertain your followers. This is not something you have to do all the time but sometimes there are little things that you can add to your tweets to provide something of interest. Give fun facts, statistics, photos or even funny videos. You want to entertain these people as if they are your guests and if you engage them, they will find that they will “listen” to what you have to say more often than not.

When communicating through social media, one of your main goals is to naturally inform your followers. Though some people sit online and surf the Internet and may play around to kill time but the majority of people that hop on Twitter have a goal of learning something new. You can provide a solution to your follower’s problems simply by informing them about your industry and offer education about your products and services.

The next step is to create business. You can interact with people online all day long but it does no good to generate business if you don’t make it about business. You need to take action. Ask your followers to read a blog or participate in a company event. Sometimes it is a good avenue to offer promotions and ask your followers to take action.

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