Tablet or ultra-book what u need?

The rapid advancement in the world of computers has made it somewhat difficult for the general consumer to choose what they really want. The experts these days consider ultra-books to be replacing the regular notebooks and laptops. Though in the recent years iPad’s quality and professionalism have successfully gained a lot of popularity, the question is whether it will survive the recent attack of competition by the strong and light weightultra-books. In this article we will discuss the particular features of the tablet and ultra-book to make the choice easier.

Let us discuss the pros and cons of the ultra-book and tablet



Qualities in Ultrabooks

  • They are thin, slim and very light weight ( 11 or 13 inch)

  • It is the lightest version of a full-fledged PC

  • The keyboards are highly comfortable.

  • They possess the processor of Intel Sandy Bridge which is of course the premium quality.

  • They have very powerful and reliable batteries and the SSDs are flash based.

Qualities in Tablets

  • Tablet is a fully equipped personal computer.

  • The hardware is very strong

  • They possess a unique mobile operating system e.g. iOS

  • Apple iPads are the most popular device of today with a very small screen (9.7 in) with exceptionally good storage space and quality.

  • Tablet fills the void between a mobile phone and a personal computer.

Similarities between ultrabook and tablet

There might be many differences between the tablet and ultrabook but there actually are many similarities as well. Let us discuss a few:

  • Both are light weight

  • Both are also a mobile phone

  • Both provide the option of a big screen to smartphone

  • Both can be a really helpful and easy to carry travel companions




There are a few people like frequent business travelers who find tablets a little troublesome especially when working on lengthy Word documents. They find it too complicated to use at times.

Ultrabook is the latest invention in the computer world. It is a fully equipped personal computer in the thinner form. It was designed after the Apple MacBook Air. It is available in different sizes and shapes. The manufacturers are busy making wider displays even bringing the hard drives and DVD option back. There is also a touch screen ultrabooks coming in the market, which will cover a large area in the advancement of computers. It also has a foldable screen which folds backwards and is highly comfortable and easy to use.

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