Setting Up A Business Page On Pinterest

Nowadays, popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. are extensively used for business purposes. The famous bookmarking site, Pinterest has also made their step towards this providing a facility to design exclusive pages for business. If you already have an account with Pinterest for doing business, then you can sign in using that account and create a business page.

In case you are new to Pinterest, sign up for a normal account and convert it to business account after accessing the business section of the site. The business pages of Pinterest look like the normal personal pages and allow you to add interesting buttons as well as widgets.

This tutorial will help you take first steps towards it  to open an account, create a business page and add suitable widgets and buttons to make it attractive. We will cover others aspects related to do business with these Pinterest pages in subsequent tutorials.

Signing up for business page

It is a very easy task to convert personal account in Pinterest to business account. First of all, you need to access page and log into your account. Then, fill up the relevant fields and choose a custom URL. After that, Pinterest will verify the specified URL to check whether it is using already or not. Once this process gets finished, you can use the selected URL as your business page in Pinterest.

If you need to create a new account in Pinterest, then visit the sign up page and login with either Facebook or Twitter account. You can also sign into Pinterest using the e-mail address instead of social networking sites. Once you create the account, click the ‘About’ option located at the top right part of the account page and select ‘Businesses’ option from the available menu. After that, you can fill up the necessary details and create a business account

Sign up with Facebook or Twitter account

At first, visit the page and click on either Facebook or Twitter. Then, allow the ‘Pinterest’ app to connect the corresponding account. This will bring up the login page for Pinterest with the profile photo of your account. You can use that photo in Pinterest or add a new picture by pressing ‘Upload a photo’ label. Enter all necessary details into that page afterwards and click the ‘Create Account’ button.

Sign up with E-mail address

In this case, first get into page from the browser. It will redirect you to a sign in page with several fields. Fill up each field correctly without any mistakes. Then, click on ‘Upload a photo’ label and add a picture if necessary. The account will be created after pressing the ‘Create Account’ button.

Verification of account

The verification feature in Pinterest will help you to validate whether the website created is operating fine or not. You can check whether the custom URL for business page is working or not. Get into the ‘Settings’ page in your Pinterest profile and click the ‘Verify Website’ button. Download the HTML verification file displayed in Pinterest and upload to the web server. After the verification, the full URL will appear on your profile and a checkmark can be viewed near your website in search results denoting that it is verified.

Embedding buttons and widgets in Pinterest

Pinterest offers several buttons and widgets for increasing the traffic to the websites. You can embed them in your website to increase the business. The ‘Pin It’ and ‘Follow’ buttons are very useful for attracting users to pin the photos of products or contents to their boards. The Profile widget will help you to create a collage for your pins and present before users. If you want to highlight only one board while creating collage, then it is better to use Board widget. You can go to this page and select the button or widget you want by clicking on it.


The business page in Pinterest is a very effective way to attract customers. The sign up procedures for this page is quite easy as you can use your existing facebook, twitter or mail account for that. The verification process can publish your business page to other users in Pinterest which will make your website more popular.

The accessibility of your website can be increased with buttons and widgets. On the whole, the Pinterest business page is the best solution for marketing your products online.We will be back on more tips and tricks to make your business pages on Pinterest interesting