Revamp Your Wi-Fi Speed with Some Simple Steps

Have you experienced difficulties while streaming your favorite movie on your home Wi-Fi? Isn’t it frustrating when the movie stops every now and then and takes hell lot of time in buffering? Your entire movie watching fun becomes a torturous experience, you can’t do anything except staring the still picture of the movie with that killing buffering message. And your frustrations doubles up when the internet service provider tells you that there is no technical issue on their side; it is your home Wi-Fi which is creating this entire nuisance.

In those situations, you may want to throw your router out of the window and buy a brand new one. But wait! Before throwing your Wi-Fi router first you need to understand that whether actually, you need to buy a new router or is there any scope to improve the speed of your current router. There are some simple steps which can improve the speed of your Wi-Fi. So, before throwing it, let’s have a look on some of those useful steps which can improve the efficiency of your router.

Check Your Router’s Configuration

First thing first, before working on various steps to boost your router’s efficiency, you should check the technologies on which your router is built upon. Your router may not be capable of giving you the higher speed if it is not built to support the latest technologies.

The latest technology standard for Wi-Fi is 802.11ac. The router supporting the Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac and 802.11n has the capabilities of providing faster connectivity. So, if your router is below these standards then you may think to replace it with a new one. The internet service providers from whom you have taken the connection and paying the required charges may upgrade your router with a new one without any cost.  But that depends upon your plan; they may charge you some amount for a new router.

Normally, 5 years older routers were not built to handle such faster connectivity; so it is better to replace them with a new one if you want to experience higher speed. So, check your router’s model number and Google it to its built-in configurations. Based on your findings, you can take the decisions whether to buy a new one to speed up your internet connectivity.

Place it at the Right Spot

Placing the router at the correct place in your home or office can have an impact on the connectivity. Check the place where you have placed your router. Some people used to hide their router behind a wall or cabinet as its shape and size do not suit to the theme of their home interior. But, that can definitely slower your internet speed. Also, placing your router at far corners of your home may significantly drop in the network signals to the lowest side.

To get the best router coverage throughout your home you should consider following useful information on placing the router at the right position.

  • Keep the router in an open space. It should not be covered up or hidden behind any walls, cabinet, doors or other objects
  • The Wi-Fi signals always move downwards, so it is necessary to place your routers at a higher place rather than putting it under the TV cabinet or a lower place at your home. Placing the router at a higher place surely help in signal boost
  • Place your router at the center of your home to get the best coverage throughout. Do not ever put it in a far corner of your home
  • Adjust the antenna of your router. Every router fitted with one or two antennae, so make sure one of them should be in the perpendicular direction. In case of router with single antenna, check yourself whether keeping the antenna horizontally or vertically providing you the better signals
  • Keep your router away from other electronic devices. Generally, other electronic devices such as cordless phones, microwave etc can interfere with your router’s signals. So, it is better to place the router away from those appliances

These are some basic information which you should keep in mind while placing the router at your home. A router placed at a higher place without any obstructions may provide you better signals compared to the router placed near to the floor or obstructed with walls or doors.

Set the Correct Frequency

Setting up the correct frequency can improve the connectivity speed. Generally, many device makers go with the 2.4GHz receiver, which makes this frequency crowded. Your neighbors may also use the same frequency as well as other electronic devices such as cordless phones, microwave ovens etc.

So putting the frequency level at 5GHz can improve the speed, as that is the less crowded and offers more channels. Most of the latest routers offer dual-band that sends network signals on both 2.4GHz, and 5GHz. So, if you have a dual-band router then set 2.4GHz network for mobile devices and 5GHz network for laptops and desktops for better connectivity.

Protect From Signal Thieves

Is your Wi-Fi secured from any intruder who can steal your network bandwidth? If someone else is also hooking to your Wi-Fi without your knowledge then you will not get the complete bandwidth that you are paying for. Your network speed will fall drastically if the stealer uses your bandwidth for high volume downloading activities.

So, it is important to protect your router with a strong password. Also setting up WPA password will enhance the security layer. Keeping your router safe and secured from any intruder can improve your network speed as the complete bandwidth is only at your disposal. Also, keep in mind that does not ever share your network password to unknown persons whom you do not trusts.

Apart from the above steps which can help you to boost your network speed, there are few more simple yet useful steps which can help you to enhance your internet connectivity.

  • Manage your network bandwidth by setting specific limit to download and upload activities
  • Clean your desktops, laptops to get rid of bandwidth-eating unwanted applications which can slow the network
  • Use trusted antivirus and spyware detection software to track and destroy malicious applications which are taking your bandwidths

Generally, whenever we faced network issue a common thing most of us do is – switch off and switch on the router. Actually, that refreshes the networks and releases the occupied bandwidths. So, it can be a better practice to set automatic reboot of your router once in a day, preferably at midnight or the time that suits you. You can use some software available in the market which can help you rebooting the router automatically without any manual intervention.

Finally, it is really frustrating to see the buffering message while watching your favorite live TV shows or important live sessions. And it is also true that your router is not the culprit always. You need to do these simple steps while setting up your router to get the maximum speed as per your plan.