Managing the privacy settings of YouTube video

With YouTube video being widely used to watch and broadcast video, the security settings are gathering importance. While creating accounts at this website, we would have to decide the status of it. The status modes can be set up for the uploaded videos also at the time it is loaded into the website. These can be changed from time to time too. At the time of uploading, the video is set to public by default. It is possible to change the settings for the videos at any time.
In order to upload videos in YouTube, you would have your own account at the site that can be logged into with your username and password. The settings of the account in the site can be changed only if the system you are working on is connected to the internet.

Managing the privacy settings of video

  • Step 1: Accessing YouTube. YouTube can be accessed from devices with a trusted internet connection. For uploading videos into it, you would have to create an account in the site by registering with your details there. Now, to change the privacy settings, you will have to log into the account with the username and password.

  • Step 2: Retrieving the Video Manager. Once logged in select the Video Manager. This can be done by first accessing the ‘Upload’ button on the top right corner of the web page. On clicking, it displays a drop down menu with many options including the Video Manager.Another method to get t the Video Manager is by clicking on the user name mentioned on the top of the account page and then selecting ‘Menu’ from it. On clicking open the menu page you will be able to find the Video Manager within it.
  • Step 3: Viewing the Uploads section. Once inside the Video Manager page ensure that it has the ‘Uploads’ section within it. If it is not found at the top have the drop down page scrolled up and down to see whether it is present. Once you have uploaded some videos onto the site, this is sure to be present in the page.
  • Step 4: Changing the modes of video. In the upload section all the videos that have been uploaded so far will be displayed. From the list select the ones that you would want to change the modes for. The video can be selected to change its privacy mode by checking the check box next to the name of the video. On checking them, select the action by clicking on the ‘action’ button. In action select the option ‘Privacy’. On doing this a drop down menu will be displayed containing the options Public, Private and Unlisted. The options must be selected carefully based upon your requirements and the content of the video uploaded. This can be done for multiple videos at the same time.
  • By setting the ‘private mode’ option in the privacy setting, the video can only be viewed by the person who uploaded it along with 50 other people who are tagged into it by the owner of the video. They will not be advertised at any sites and does not appear at the Home page of the site. Unlisted videos can be viewed only by people who know the link of the video. However they can be shared by all the ones who are familiar with the link and thus go public. The public mode of video is the one that are posted for the public. Everyone accessing the site will be able to view it like in the image below.

  • Step 5: The new mode sets in as soon as the option for the privacy mode is chosen. To change the existing mode the same procedure can be repeated.


Setting up of the privacy modes is necessary for the uploaded videos as this would put a control on the accessibility option of the video. Having personal videos uploaded on such sites makes it more vulnerable for malicious attacks. Hence it is always advisable to have them tagged in safely to prevent it from improper usage.

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