Managing Birthday Greetings On Facebook

Even though Facebook provides quite easy way to wish your dear ones on their birthday, there may be chance for forgetting those special days due to busy working schedules or mere absent-mindedness. There is a web application named BirthdayFB which can set up birthday wishes in advance and post them on the Facebook page of your contacts on teir birthday automatically.

This application also allows you to manage the birthday wishes you have created earlier with various options. This tutorial guides you to schedule and manage birthdays with BirthdayFB application.

Scheduling Birthdays with BirthdayFB

If you want to use BirthdayFB application for scheduling the birthdays of your facebook friends, then you need to first connect your facebook account with the application. After that, you can type birthday wishes for various contacts easily.


First of all, visit the home page of BirthdayFB and locate the ‘Sign Up Now’ option. Click on that option and login into your facebook account with correct username and password. Once you log into your account, you will be asked for permission to use BirthdayFB application. Press the ‘Allow’ button located at the bottom part of the page. This will connect the application to your facebook account.
By the time you establish the connection, the main page of the application will appear on the screen. The upcoming birthdays of your all facebook friends will be displayed on that page if they have added birthday information to their profiles.


Go to the top part of the main page and press the ‘Write Messages’ tab. This will bring up a page with a textbox next to the facebook contact where you can type the birthday messages you want. It is also possible to use the pre-set messages by selecting ‘Canned Messages’ from the drop down menu. After setting up the birthday wishes, you can click the ‘Save’ button for scheduling the message.
Once you schedule the message, it will be posted on the wall of your friend’s account few hours before their birthday. If you want to save the birthday wishes you type as canned message, then select the check box next to ‘Save as a canned message’ option located at the right side.

How to manage canned and scheduled messages?

It is possible to edit or remove canned messages if they are not created by BirthdayFB. Also, you can make changes in scheduled messages before it get posted on the wall. You can thus manage both types of messages according to your need.

Steps to be taken for editing and removing canned messages

  • STEP 1: Press the ‘Canned Messages’ tab located at the top part.
  • STEP 2: Click the ‘Edit’ button on the right side of the message you want to change.
  • STEP 3: Go to the right side of the message you want to delete and click the ‘Remove’ button.

Steps to be taken for editing and removing scheduled message

  • STEP 1: Navigate into the top part of main page and hit the ‘Scheduled Messages’ tab.
  • STEP 2: Click on ‘Edit’ button next to the message you need to edit.
  • STEP 3: If you want to delete a scheduled message, then click on ‘Remove’ button near that message.

The ‘Edit’ and ‘Remove’ button can be viewed after pressing the arrow button on the right side of the corresponding message. You can also create new canned messages by clicking the ‘+New Canned Messages’ option under ‘Canned Messages’ tab.


The main advantage of wishing birthdays through BirthdayFB is that you need not rush into the wall of your friend’s page for posting the wishes. You can save the time with this and never miss out the birthday. The ability to bring up additional changes to the wishes created earlier is another benefit of this application.

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