Making use of FREE web tools to develop a professional website

Building most websites requires time, knowledge and money. But, do you always require money in order to build a website. This is the reason why anybody who possesses the most basic internet knowledge is able to build a website in just a few hours, making it run properly and ready to be accessed by visitors. In order to do this, a person can use free web tools that make web development almost a kid’s play. Following up, the most used free online web tools will be listed and described.


Develop a Professional Website


WordPress is the most used blogging platform around the world, as it is very easy to install, configure and use. The source script can be downloaded for free from the developer’s website, as WordPress is an open-source project, under the General Public License, being sponsored by donations and advertising. The installation package occupies around 3 megabytes, and can be easily downloaded and installed into a web hosting server that supports PHP4 and PHP5, has a MySQL database and at least 10MB of space.

The installation of WordPress CMS is straightforward, the user being guided directly into the administration panel once the installation is finished. From the installation panel, the administrator can start customizing the website. The free public WordPress library includes thousands of themes, plugins and help topics that will help any blogger to make its platform unique using the WordPress source code. WordPress has also proved to be a strong search engine optimized platform, as content is indexed by the Google bots in just a few hours after it’s released into pages.

There are also other free online scripts that work in the same manner as WordPress, for example Joomla or Drupal. These are also free and can be downloaded and installed in the same way as WordPress, there also being a free database of themes and plugins that can be used to customize the website. There must be said that for business users, there are professional developed themes and plugins which can be purchased for sums varying between 15$ and a few hundred dollars.

Self-hosted online scripts

Along downloadable and installable scripts, there are free self-hosted scripts which remove the need of installing and configuring scripts on a certain hosting server. Such free self-hosted scripts like ucoz or blogspot are providing the user the possibilities of taking a website live online in just a few minutes, and by only clicking a few buttons and filling the required information. However there are a few disadvantages as:

  • Impossibility of editing the script source code

  • Using your own hosting server

  • No free themes library

  • High loading time for websites

Self-hosted scripts do not allow for a developer to edit their source code, this blocking the ability of fully customizing the website. Also, self-hosted scripts do not allow an user to use his own hosting server; the websites are hosted on low-quality servers which do not provide a good loading speed or advanced web technologies.


Use FREE web tools to create website

Free hosting companies

For those who choose to build a website using downloadable content management system sources, they will require a hosting server. As there are many paid options available, with servers located all over the world, for someone who wishes to build a website completely free, there are also free hosting sites that offer web hosting (however limited) technologies. A free hosting service will have its obvious disadvantages, like low loading speed, space and traffic limitations or forced advertising into the pages of the website. However, it is still a solution for those who do not want to pay even a few cents for a hosting package.

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