Install New Themes Into Websites Created In WordPress

WordPress provides an easy option to change the appearance of websites with a few simple steps. It is possible to add both free and paid themes to your website created using this platform. Apart from WordPress theme database, you can visit sites like Studio Press, Elegant Themes, Theme Forest and Woo Themes for purchasing nice looking themes. This tutorial explains the steps for installing themes into WordPress websites.

Activating themes on WordPress websites

First go to the WordPress site and log into your dashboard. You can then find a list of options on the left side of the dashboard. Navigate through that list and click on ‘Appearance’ option. The next step is to click on the ‘Themes’ option. Go to right pane and press the ‘Install Themes’ tab for installing a new theme into your website.

You will be given two options afterwards such as uploading themes from your PC/computer and search for themes with free WP theme database. It is also possible to find paid themes in WP theme database with ‘Purchase’ label.

Installing themes from PC


The first step required is to get into any website which provides good themes. You can either download free themes or purchase paid themes. In the first case, you can simply press the ‘Download’ button for downloading the theme into your system. If you choose second option, then you need to enter the payment details before starting the download.
Once you finish downloading the selected theme, open the folder where you saved the theme. Then, check whether the theme is in zip format. If not, change it into a ‘RAR’ file.


Once you click on ‘Install Themes’ tab, you can find ‘Upload’ button below it. Then, find out the theme you have saved earlier from the corresponding folder. Click on that theme afterwards and press the ‘Open’ button. You can then find ‘Install Now’ button on dashboard. Click that button for activating the uploaded theme.

Installing themes from WP theme database


There is a search field under ‘Install Themes’ tab along with ‘search’ button. You can type the keyword for theme such as color, subject, features or author into that field and press that button. This will bring up thousands of themes on the screen. Click on each theme to view its preview and then select the one you like.
It is also possible to search for themes by clicking ‘Find Themes’ option after selecting the required preferences like color, columns, subject etc. If you want to purchase the themes, then click on ‘Purchase’ link below the theme for entering the payment details.


Once you select the theme and enter the necessary details for making payment (in the case of paid theme), press the ‘Install’ button. This will start up the installation process. When the process gets finished, hit the ‘Activate’ button for activating the theme on your dashboard.

Setting up activated themes

After activating the themes, you may need to change its settings according to your taste. It is possible to accomplish with ‘Theme Options’ option located under ‘Appearance’. You can click on that option and adjust header, navigation or even home page.

The settings options for themes will differ according to the capabilities and features. Even so, you can understand and configure them very easily. The control panel for certain themes may reside at different place. You need to make sure about this factor before installing a theme by checking author’s information and frequently asked questions.


If you are looking for free themes, then it is better to use the themes available in WordPress theme database as you can install and activate them easily. Even though it is possible to find out paid themes in WordPress database, the varieties for high profile websites are limited. In this case, it is better to look for the services from online paid themes providers.

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