How to Add Multiple Destinations to Your Google Maps Route

Google Maps allows us to add multiple stops on our route and will give the ideal route with least traffic and time. Google Maps has the ability to add or set multiple destinations when getting directions which means – if you’re on your way somewhere but need to stop at a pharmacy, gas station or friend’s house on the way, you can plug all those destinations in at once and get a route that swings by them all.

How many of you might be aware that – Mobile users can set their point A, B, and even C so that, they can easily and realistically plan their trip and time it will take to get there.

This feature gives you a quick look at the overall time for the trip and any delays along the way. You can add up to nine stops, and there’s also the option to rearrange the stops to figure out the most efficient route.

However, the multiple destination feature is only available for Android users for now.

Steps to Add Multiple Stops to your Google Maps Route

1. Open the Google Maps app from the app drawer or home screen.
2. Tap the blue Directions button in the lower-right corner.
3. Select the Choose Destination textbox.
4. Enter your desired destination in the text field.
5. Alternatively, you can place a pin on the map with the Choose on map option.
6. By default, Maps will use your current location as the starting point. You can edit this if you want by selecting the Your location field.
7. After entering the destination, tap the action overflow button (the three vertical dots) on the top right corner of the screen.
8. Select Add Stop.
9. You’ll see a new line with Add stop in your trip list, along with an estimated total trip time. Type in the second destination here.
10. As soon as you enter the second destination, a new line will be automatically added underneath, giving you the option to add another stop.
11. You can rearrange stops easily by dragging the three horizontal lines next to the location names.
12. You can also clear a destination by selecting the X icon to the right.
13. Once you’ve figured out all the stops, tap Done to get started.
14. You’ll see an overview of your trip, as well as all the stops and the overall time.
15. Tap the Start button in the lower right corner to start navigation to your first stop.
16. If you want to remove a destination once you’re on your way, you can do so by pulling up the turn-by-turn directions pane from the bottom of the screen and editing the list of stops

That’s it! The ability to add multiple stops is definitely one of the best new additions to come to Google Maps over the course of the last year.

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