How can Facebook messenger stickers be enabled on Android?

The recently launched Facebook Home launcher is set to create some waves in the mobile industry. Widely misunderstood as an app, it is a package of apps that will instill a lot more entertainment into the mobile technology. Even though this feature from Android is currently available only on a limited number of devices, its features can be accessed on almost all Android devices with the help of the Facebook Messenger app.

The Facebook Home has got new chat implementation designs in it. However you will not be able to have the Facebook stickers or illustrations there. These features are hidden in the Facebook Home Launcher. This would have caused some disappointment among the users. There is some good news for those disappointed people. There is way to get those hidden stickers enabled. Simply follow the tutorial given below.

Enabling the hidden stickers

  • Step 1: Access the Chat Heads. This step would need the use of the real Chat Heads from the Facebook Messenger enabled with the Facebook Home features. These are not set to work on the normal Facebook conversations that we had used so far.

  • Logon to the Facebook Messenger using the Messenger password and username. After logging in access the chat option in the page to have the Chat Head.

  • Step 2: At the bottom of the chat area, you will be able to find a little white space on the left of the ‘+’ symbol. The ‘+’ symbol is placed on the left side of the write message column on the bottom of the chat page.
  • Step 3: On tapping the blank space at the left of the ‘+’ symbol, you will encounter the pop up column with the stickers.

  • By tapping on the stickers you will be able to use them on your chat page.

  • Step 4: If you are unable to load the stickers, have the Messenger app closed down and reopen it to retry the same procedure once more. It is bound to work.


Facebook Home Launcher on Android had the stickers hidden during one of its latest updates. So while accessing it through the method mentioned above, they might have some issues. They might not work as smoothly as the other apps on some devices. The tutorial above suggests the technique of enabling the stickers on Android devices with Facebook Messenger app only.

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