Giving magnetic resonance to your website to attract and retain site visitors

Once a webmaster builds up a website and takes it live, he or she wishes to find the perfect method of attracting visitors and converting them into revenue. In fact, this is the main purpose of anyone who wishes to gain profit from their online platform; getting visitors and making them stay, read the information provided and finally buy a certain product or service that the website is providing. What is the way of giving your website a magnetic resonance so it will attract and retain visitors?


Attract And Retain Site Visitors

Read this or you will fail

If you are reading these lines, it means that you were persuaded by the title to continue reading. In other words, the headline was catchy, and convinced you that the following information is interesting enough to take your time and discover it. This technique of writing eye-catching headlines so readers will continue informing on the subject is the main step into attracting visitors.

Writing attractive headlines is an art.

This is the main thing that every content writer and internet entrepreneur should know. No matter if it is about copywriting (writing business page descriptions) or content writing (writing informational articles), headlines are the first element that come into the sight of readers, and are the only element that can convince a visitor to continue reading.

Because attractive headlines require experience to be perfected, most of the time a copywriter is the best person to write them. Hiring a copywriter may cost quite a few dollars, but the results in conversion rates should be evident. In fact, this is the way a copywriter is rated, by the number of readers he manages to attract using his skill.

Managing the information density inside content

Once the visitor got his attention onto an article thanks to the attracting headline, he now must find the information he was looking for inside the content. This requires a good information management. The secret behind getting the visitors to stay and read an article or a page until the end requires a high information density inside that certain article or page. This can be achieved by ensuring that the content is provided by professional content writers.

Don’t stop attracting attention.

Also, remember that just providing a great headline isn’t enough to catch the attention of the public throughout the content. In fact, after the headline, the attention must be maintained by using phrases and constructions which engage the reader further, letting him know that he or she will discover more by continuing to read; the best way to do this is by creating suspense. Use either suspense phrases or rhetorical questions in order to build up suspense.


Attract visitors

The result of your work is here: getting the visitors to provide feedback

Finally, after making the visitors read the article because their eye was caught by a very well written headline, and also after they were kept focused through the article by custom techniques, the final element that directly tells if the website has a magnetic approach toward visitors is the feedback. Firstly, it is vital that every website has a feedback option, where visitors can lay their opinion regarding the viewed content.

It is important to know that when a visitor got his full interest into an article or page, he will surely want to give feedback. In other words, he wishes to show his own opinion regarding what he read. The final point is that even though getting feedback from visitors is a clear sign that they found the information useful, the positive or the negative attitude of a user in a feedback form must be taken in consideration.

Although most users only take their time to post positive feedback, whenever there is a negative, constructive critic placed by a user, the webmaster must instantly take it in consideration.

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