Flexible image search feature to the Chrome desktop

On starting of this month, all Chrome users got very interesting features; “search by image” features for desktop and gesture support to Android devices. Google announced these features with beta version in the month of August. Over the next few days, the updates have come up on all Chrome desktop and Android.

For desktop, the latest Chrome 30 version facilities you to right click on any image and use it as a Google search. When you do the same, you will get a context menu on the right side of the screen with numbers of menu options among those menu options; choose “Search Google for this image”, click on that and Google will provide you the best search result using “New Tab”. The same feature was earlier only presented through an extension on the desktop version of Chrome.

The browser main “menu tool button” is also updated at the top of the browser window, on the right side in orange colour symbol, just you have to click on that to access drop down box with numbers of menu options. The drop down symbol is very steady and true way of navigation.

The latest version of Chrome; version 30 works on Windows, Mac and Linux desktops, allow users to use “search by image” feature to all operating systems. Just you have to right click on a particular image to use these facilities.

Google Chrome added two new features at Android devices; “image search” and “toolbar to open new tab”

The Google Chrome browser brought new, small and flexible two features for Android. Google Chrome made very simple to switch from one browser tab to another, use image as a search option.

Yes, it is very simple task, by clicking on the tab “+” icon at the top of the browser; it will open “New Tab” very quickly. But now it has become so easier that you have to only swipe your finger across the toolbar at the top of the browser to switch from one tab to another. Just put-down your finger left or right across the top of the screen (by the URL bar) whether you are in background or picture mode. This will slide one tab off the screen as the next comes up. You may have to first swipe down from the top of the screen if you don’t see the URL bar.

Chrome menu will also provide some interesting feature; new tab, new incognito tab, bookmarks, history, etc. without moving your finger in between taps. Just click on menu button will show different menu items, put your finger to the item you want before experiencing it. This will make easy to open settings, history, find in page dialog, or other menu item more easily.

In the Android version of the browser, holding a finger on the image will bring up the selection in the context menu

If you want to search for a particular image using Android device, just hit and grip your finger on any image whichever you want to open in the Chrome web browser, it will show the context menu, from this context menu select “Search Google for this image” option. You also have option to save the image page.

The new gesture controls on Android makes easier for users to navigate from one application to another application, from one tab to another tab and menus. You can rapidly change tabs by taking horizontal left or right through the top toolbar, instead of taking from the edge of the screen. To benefit you escape fortuitously interacting with page content, Google has restricted the skill to switch tabs by swiping on the real page.

Using package manager, chrome automatically gives updates on Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

One more, the developer-friendly attribute MediaSource API uses to help and progresses stream audio and video. This will be basically helpful to get better apps like Spotify, Pandora Radio, and Netflix when used on bandwidth-constrained or unpredictable networks.

This beta version with image search functionality has been improved for both desktop and mobile devices. Using this image search functionality users can easily search for related images and content, no need to type particular search item into search tab.

The desktop version carries many enhancements and bug fixes too, which calls security and stability both. This beta version has appeared to be stable. Adding gestures to web search has become enough reason to install Chrome 30 for Android, and stability of this version to desktop has become good reason to download and upload heavy stuffs with less crashes and uniform installation.

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