Easy File Sharing Through Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most useful applications in existence today. Dropbox folder synchronizes the files and folders in all your devices, be it PC, tablets or mobile phones through a single folder called the Dropbox folder. This application is highly useful for backing up your files, sharing files with others, accessing files through the web and exploiting the API. To add to its many benefits, Dropbox application also provides free space of 2GB on installation.

Sharing problems in Dropbox

Dropbox sharing did have some complications before, especially for folks who are slightly tech-challenged. Users found it difficult to find the correct location of a file while sharing the link to the file. And in the worst case scenarios, when everything is functioning well, one of the users might delete an important file due to all the confusion which makes it disappear from everybody’s Dropbox folder!

Easy file sharing for faster sharing

File sharing in Dropbox has now been made easier and more user-friendly. A file or folder can be shared with other people and all that needs to be done is to send the link. Photos, videos, documents etc. can be shared with colleagues and friends even if they have not installed Dropbox. In addition, they also have the option of viewing the files you have sent through an intuitive online file viewer provided by Dropbox so that they do not have to download the files.

Google Documents was ruling the arena of easy file sharing allowing users to easily publish their files on the web using ‘make public on web’ or ‘anyone with link’ options available in sharing menu. With Dropbox also adopting easy sharing feature, new users have much to gain from Dropbox.

How does easy sharing in Dropbox work?

  1. Right click on any file contained in the Dropbox folder. Select Get link option given in the Dropbox menu. The URL of the file will be generated.
  2. The file will then appear in your browser. All you need to do is copy the URL
  3. Share the URL with anyone you want to share the file with.
  4. An alternate way to share files through Dropbox is to actually log in to www.dropbox.com. You have to then find the folder or file you want to share. Click on the Get Link icon of the folder or file.

    Those who access the URL can view the file as well as its contents. However, they will not be able to do any modifications such as editing or deleting of the contents of the file or folder. Just a single link is needed for even folders to be shared. This makes sharing of multiple files easy.

How to remove sharing?

Sharing can be easily removed as well. All you have to do is to visit the URL one more time. After that the cog icon given at the top right part of the page has to be clicked. Select Remove link. This removes sharing of that particular file or folder. Alternatively, the website menu has Links option. The shared folders and files can be seen here. You can easily remove those links you wish to no longer share, right from here.


Sharing files has never been so easy with Dropbox. On clicking the Get link option, URL will be generated for the selected file or folders which can then be copied and send to whoever you wish to share the file with. The same is true for any file or folder on Dropbox.com.

Any shared link can be easily removed from sharing as well. The files shared can also be viewed by people who do not have Dropbox installed. The people with whom the files have been shared can view the contents of the file but cannot edit or delete the contents.

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