Difference between Windows 8 tiles and regular desktop icons

The desktop of Windows 8 is very different from the desktop on Windows 7 and other windows by Microsoft. Microsoft has restored the traditional shortcut icons with the dynamic tiles. What you can do is resize the icons and place similar apps with each other or any better place for you. The important thing here to understand is that when you use these tiles, not just the app is opened but all the information about it is displayed too.

In short, there are many changes in windows 8 tiles as compared to the regular desktop icons. Following are the differences between windows 8 tiles and regular desktop icons.


Windows 8 desktop icons

  • These icons are not transparent and are of rectangular and square shapes. The size of icons is comparatively larger than the one found on desktop.

  • On the start screen the icons are placed in grid only. You cannot find them on desktop.

  • The tiles would point of only the applications of windows 8. The desktop apps, files, libraries and folders won’t show.

  • Generally, they have the same task. When you click on the tile, the applications would open up. For example, if you want to read your email, all you have to do is to tap that tile.

  • These tiles are designed to provide you information from the application in real time unlike the shortcuts. The information shown would be displayed in different forms. It depends on its designing, set of images and ranging from an image to simple text. For example, if there is a tile of people, you will see the images of your friends or contacts.

  • These tiles work only for applications of Windows 8. You can place the shortcuts to the desktop on the start screen. These shortcuts however just look like tiles but they are not tiles. They are shortcuts you have placed on the start screen. The only thing similar between these tiles and shortcuts is that they are square.

  • All the desktop applications, which also includes the familiar items like control panel will have a dark blue square tile. The modern applications only run in the full screen mode. The modern apps cannot be resized. The desktop apps work exactly the same way as windows 7.

  • The start screen tasks can be easily performed by both touch screens and the traditional keyboard and mouse.

  • iPhone5

    Amazing icons for Windows

    For the Windows phone users, the desktop would look much more familiar. Microsoft has drastically enhanced and improved Windows 8 with the windows 8 tiles. You can organize these tiles any way you want to. It is recommended to first download all the applications you want to and then organize these tiles according to theme or workflow. As a whole, Windows 8 tiles are working better than the regular desktop icons. Most of the users are satisfied with the new desktop. Anybody who wonders if it’s hard to work on the new icons must know that it is as easy as windows 7.

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