Creating Web Template in Dreamweaver

Web templates are the most important part of a website design. If a web template looks attractive, then you can increase the traffic to the corresponding website. Adobe Dreamweaver is considered as one of the best software for creating web templates. This tutorial explains the steps to create, use and update web templates using Dreamweaver.

Creating web template with Dreamweaver

Step 1: Create basic structure with tools

Open a new page in Dreamweaver by clicking ‘New’ under ‘File’ menu. Use the tools to set up header, footer and navigation bar on new page. When you set these items, keep in mind that they will be common for all other pages in the site. Try not to put any unique item into the new page.

Step 2: Save basic structure as template

After creating the structure, navigate into ‘File’ menu and select ‘Save As Template’ option. This will bring up a small window with a name field. Type a name into that field and press the ‘Save’ button. Then, make sure that you can see a blue bar saying <> on the top part. This indicates that you are in template and the file is saved into ‘Templates’ folder automatically.

Step 3: Make template editable

Select an area in template for editing and place the cursor over there. Go to the top part of the template page and navigate into Insert->Template Objects->Editable Region. Enter an appropriate name into the given field and press the ‘OK’ button. Once it is done, it will show the name on the area selected earlier. You can then add different layouts or other changes on that area.

Using web templates created in Dreamweaver

Once you create the template, you can apply it to a page set up for making website. It is possible to apply the template before and after writing the content. If you choose the later method, then it is required to select an editable region for adding the content.

Applying template into a page

Go to the top part of the Dreamweaver window and click the ‘Modify’ option. Then, you need to point ‘Template’ option and click on ‘Template to page’ option. A window named ‘Select Template’ will appear on the screen after that.

Choose the template you want to apply from that window and select the site name by clicking the drop down menu. After that, press the ‘Select’ button for applying the template to the selected page. If you want to update the page according to template, then you can select the check box next to ‘Update page when template changes’ option.

Selecting editable region

After applying the selected template, you can find ‘Choose editable region for orphaned content’ window. You can apply the content in the template by choosing the editable region from that window and pressing the ‘OK’ button. Once it is done now you add the content into the selected area in the applied template.

Updating existing templates

Launch the ‘Templates’ folder and locate the template you want to update. Make a single click on that template for opening it. Then, you can edit the template in the way you want. Press the ‘Save’ button afterwards for saving all changes.

If you have added the selected template to other web pages, then you will get a prompt message after hitting the ‘Save’ button for applying the same changes to those web pages. You can either click the ‘Update’ or ‘Don’t Update’ button in that message according to your need.


Dreamweaver provides a quite easy way to create web templates according to your taste and need. The expensive web templates from internet are not necessary to make websites for short term use. You can use self-made Dreamweaver web templates for this purpose and save money.

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