Creating And Duplicating Advertisements With Facebook

Apart from making friends, Facebook provides the facility to advertise various products, brands places, events, and organizations. You can create a page with the content you want to advertise using the facebook account and share it with the followers. Apart from this you can create different and similar advertisements with this page for promoting quality posts and having more page likes too.

Steps for creating new advertisements

Once you login to the facebook account, you can view ‘Create an Ad’ link on the top right side. Click on that link and type in the URL of the page you want to advertise. After selecting the page, you can perform the following steps for advertising it.

Step 1: Add advertisement details

First of all, select what you like to do with the advertisement. Then, type the headline and text for the advertisement into the relevant fields. You can upload an image by hitting the ‘Upload’ button if necessary. If you want to show up the people who like the page, then select the checkbox next to ‘People liking your Page’ option.

Step 2: Provide targeting information

After entering the basic advertisement details, specify the type of audience to whom you want to reach with the advertisement. This depends on the nature of your page and advertisement. You can select the location, age, gender, interests of the targeted audience from the available options.

Step 3: Set up pricing and scheduling

You can create campaign for your content after paying a specific amount. Once you specify the price you are ready to pay, choose either daily or lifetime budget. In the former case, the specified amount will be spent daily where as the lifetime package will use the amount throughout the campaign period. It is possible to schedule the campaign by clearing the checkbox next to ‘Run my campaign continuously starting today’ label.

Step 4: Publish the advertisement

By the time you finish entering all the details, click the ‘Review Ad’ button located at the bottom part of the page for checking the entered details again. If you are satisfied with the content, you can press the ‘Place Order’ button for publishing the advertisement.

Steps for creating similar advertisements

Once you create an advertisement, it is possible to duplicate that advertisement if needed. You can use ‘Ads Manager’ app for this purpose. It is possible to find this app under the profile picture on top left part.

Step 1: Locate the campaign

After launching the app, click the ‘Campaigns & Ads’ option available on the left side. This will bring up previously created campaigns on the right pane. Select the campaign you want to duplicate by making a single click on it.

Step 2: Check the preview

You can check the preview of the selected campaign for confirming whether you want to duplicate the content or not. Click on the ‘Ad Title’ after selecting the campaign so that the preview will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Setting up similar content

If you are satisfied with the preview and want to duplicate it, then go to its bottom part. You can find ‘Create a Similar Ad’ option over there. This will create a new advertisement with the information available in the campaign selected earlier. You can then use that advertisement for promotional purposes.


It is really profitable to advertise your content through Facebook as this site has got huge popularity among people. Also, you need not take extra effort to create and publish advertisements. Another advantage is that you can set your own campaign period with Facebook advertisements which can save your money to a greater extent.

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