Comparing windows 8 RT with third generation ipad


First thing we will compare about windows 8 RT and the third generation ipad is their dimensions. The surface RT is a landscape tablet like while Ipad is portrait. Microsoft has done its best to create a great looking tablet which unlike many competitors does not look transparent rip off. Surface RT is also longer than the iPad but is narrow.


Third generation ipad


iPad has 9.7 inches LCD screen with 264 pixels while surface has 10.6 inches LCD with 146 pixels per inch. When talking about hardware, this is the biggest advantage of iPad and in the case of display, it beats surface


Weight of surface is a bit much than the iPad but it is not seen as a problem. Some people actually like the fact that it’s a bit heavier.


Finally when talking about the processor, surface is tegra 3 chipped quad core with 1.4GHz speed. While on the other hand, apple gives us dual core processor with only quad graphics in the third generation iPad.


Surface has a RAM of 2GB while iPad 3 has RAM of 1GB which again brings surface up on the paper.


Surface RT gives you 32GB, 64GB while iPad gives you 16GB,34GB. By giving some entry price, surface RT gives you twice as storage as iPad generation three. For people who like to store movies, games and videos, surface gives you more space.


Though, iPad gives you better battery hardware of 42.5 W-h while surface giving you 31.5 W-h, considering that the display and pixels of iPad are higher too, it is likely to come down on the same level. However, it is a big point of success for iPad 3.


The camera of surface is still a question mark. It is still not mentioned that how many mega pixels is the camera of surface. While the camera of iPad is 5MP which makes it look more like iphone 4. But don’t get your hopes up on the quality.


windows 8 RT VS third generation ipad


There is no doubt that Microsoft is doing a great job here. Even with risks, it has introduced windows 8 with a very uniquely designed tablet. The company here is swinging for fence. The winning or losing is always a question with so much excitement.

However, the question here is if the customers care enough or not. Surface with no doubts have cool keyboards, but you can also buy these keyboard cases and other accessories for the iPad. Applications here are the most important category. In the case of applications, surface has so much to catch up already. There are a list of questions and the company must pay serious attention to it.

However, there are many other features offered by Surface which would hopefully help it to stay up to the list. The competition is 4/5 where anybody can win. The choice is of customers here. Some features are admired by some while some features are admired by the others.

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