Cloud Computing From the Home

With the widespread acceptance of the benefits of cloud computing in the business world, there is also a strong possibility that it will become widely used in the home as well. Why would home computer users be embracing the cloud and how would they go about it? Here are some answers:


Cloud Computing Becomes a Most Important Technologies

How to Move Yourself to “The Cloud”

    1. Use Google Docs as your basic productivity tools —

    Besides the fact that they are free and effective tools, they are also online and available wherever you go ( You don’t have to purchase Microsoft Office or even download the free Open Office at

    In some instances Google Docs can launch an application (documents, spreadsheet, etc.) in the cloud faster than you can on your PC. Plus it’s a nice feeling to have the freedom of not being tied to only one PC which you can’t always get to when you need it.

    A notebook works very well in this case, but what if it breaks down or you lose it? If you take advantage of home computing in the cloud, it is still a problem if you lose your equipment, but the information you have saved, including what you were last working on is safe. That’s what’s of primary importance.

    2. Use, or other online financial tracking programs —

    As of this writing they are free. That is one great benefit. While they may not yet be as good as an installed program such as Quicken, if you simply want to track your current balances to be sure your cash flow isn’t in the red, these work fine.

Access The Cloud From Anywhere

Once you have moved the bulk of your mainstream computing to the cloud, you can access it from any PC and your mobile phone. This is an enormous convenience which businesses are benefiting from today, and it can work just as well for the home user.


Cloud Computing From the Home

Use The Cloud but Backup Critical Data

Be certain to make backups of your data, especially what you need to access your sites on the web. When it comes to preventing the potential loss of your data it cannot be stressed enough that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

When it comes to storing passwords use Password Safe which is free from That way you can keep all of your passwords in one place. Of course you must use a variety of different passwords for your sites, and take pains not to use a password more than once.

Security in Cloud Computing

Moving to cloud computing can cause serious anxiety and stress over privacy concerns and data security. After all, there are stories about hackers stealing data on the news every day. We all know what a mess that can create in business or your personal life and desperately want to avoid becoming victims ourselves. However, there is cause to have confidence in the security of the cloud. While there is no guarantee of absolute security, there is no evidence to show that your risk of loss is any greater in the cloud than it is anywhere else.

Taking into consideration all of the above information, and the ease with which cloud computing can be used in business, it seems only natural that it will make the jump to the home as well. While it won’t happen overnight, be prepared because it is almost a certainty for the future.

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