Changing The Folder Color and Icon in Windows 7

One of the interesting features of Mac OSX is that it can customize the color of the folder. This option is not available even in the latest version of Windows. However, you can install Folderico 4.0 utility in Windows 7 and add desired colors to folders. This tutorial explains how to install and use this utility for changing the folder and icon colors in Windows 7.

Steps for downloading Folderico

The Folderico 4.0 utility is available for free in Shedko’s website. Once open the website, you can view three types Folderico 4.0 downloads like Folderico 4.0, Folderico 4.0 (mirror) and Portable version. If you want this utility in your PC or laptop, then you can download either of first two types. It is better to use the Portable version in case there is no need to install this utility into your system.

Setting up download options

Once you select the type of Folderico download, press the green download button. This will redirect you to the corresponding file hosting site. You can choose either ‘High speed download’ or ‘Regular download’ as per the need. Even though you will be prompted to set up premium account for initiating the downloading process, you can ignore the prompt and wait until Captcha box pop up on the site.

Bringing up download link

You can view some letters next to that box. Enter them correctly into the box and press the ‘Download’ button. This will bring up a download link. Click on that link to start up the downloading process.

How to use Folderico 4.0 for changing color?

Once you finish downloading Folderico utility, you will get a zip folder. Right click on that folder and select ‘Extract’ option from the available menu. You can then find the original Folderico 4.0 file. Double click on it and press the ‘Run’ button. This will open up the Folderico set up wizard.

Click the ‘Next’ button on the wizard and read the terms and conditions. If you are satisfied with the terms, then click the checkbox next to ‘Accept Terms and Conditions’ option. Press the ‘Finish’ button in the end for completing the installation.

Go to any of the system drives and right click on a folder. You can then view ‘Folderico’ in the available menu. When you point that option, another menu will appear with ‘Folderico’ options and different colors. If you click on any color in that menu, then the color of the selected folder will change accordingly.

In case you want a different folder icon, then click on ‘Select custom icon’ from ‘Folderico’ option. A window will then appear on the screen from which select either ‘Windows Yellow folders reborn’ or ‘Windows 7’ icon. You can then select the desired icons from available options. It is also possible to choose custom icon after pressing the ‘Custom icon’ button.

After selecting the icon, you need to press the ‘Apply’ button located at the bottom part of the window. Quit the Folderico window afterwards and see whether the icon of selected folder gets changed or not. If not, press the F5 key to refresh the Windows Explorer and then check the folder again.


It is quite easier to identify a folder with its icon and color than its name. Therefore, the ability to customize folder colors and icons can be regarded as the better performance of an operating system. With Folderico, Windows users can organize their folders by adding a new icon or color and reduce the time for searching.

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