Best Screen Capture Ideas Present Awesome Screen

Whether user is representing software or saving an odd web moment for future, user needs something more powerful than Print Screen. Now they are really wondered to get tools that gather and edit screenshots perfectly.
Capturing a computer screen is a regular and basic need for any personal and professional computer. There are numbers of screen capture tools in the market, some are very great and expensive, and some are easy and inexpensive. It is a very handy technique work at any situation.
For basic need, just use an easy and simple tool. The lightweight screen capture tools do not slow down the computer and easily resolve the screen capturing and editing purpose. Here are two free, user-friendly and lightweight screen capture tools, might resolve the purpose of the screen capture.

Snipping Screen Capture Tool(Windows)

Screen Capture idea is an easy way to make a copy of anything with simple editing. Snipping is excellent, simple and lightweight screen capture tools. Using Snipping screen capture tool user can capture entire screen, a window, or a specific area of the screen. Also add notes, save the snip, or email it using the Snipping Tool window.

Open Snipping Tool; click “Start” from desktop window, it will display “program menu” and “search box” to search for a particular program, in “search box” type Snipping, it will display “Snipping Tool” double click to open the tool. Also it can be open from “All Programs”. Ones it gets open, user can capture following types of snips,

  • Free-form Snip: Edit an object in any shape using finger, mouse, or tablet pen
  • Rectangular Snip: Place the cursor around an object to make a rectangle
  • Window Snip: Select a window like; a browser window or a dialog box
  • Full-screen Snip: Capture the entire window

Capture a snip; using Snipping Tool, click the arrow next to the New button, select the type of snip as of choice, and then choose the area of the screen that user want to capture. The snip is automatically copied to the Snipping Tool window.
Capture a snip of a menu; after opening Snipping Tool, choose the menu to take picture and press “Ctrl + PrtScn”. Click the arrow next to the “New” button, choose the type of snip as of choice, and then choice the area of the screen that user want to capture.
Save a snip; after capturing and editing a snip, click the “Save” button. In the Save As dialog box, enter a file name, choose the location and file type, and then click Save.

Jing Screen Capture Tool(Windows/Mac)

Techsmith, famous for their brilliant screen capture tools including Jing. This tool provides the best and easy screen capturing way while single click, also provides some standard options for image editing. Its interface almost looks like a web application instead of a real program. Let see how this interesting tool capture the screen,
Using Jing also user can capture entire screen, a window, or a specific area of the screen.
After installation, this tool will be visible as a sun icon on the desktop, mouse-over the sun and three little rays appear for “Capture”, “History”, “More”.

The one with the cross-hairs is “Capture”. This is how to start capturing screen.
Click on “Capture” to start the capture process. To identify a capture area, click and drag the mouse. Select a rectangular area of the screen to capture. Once the area is highlighted, user can adjust the size by clicking and dragging the borders of the capture area.

Also use key or key to take the snap of the standard dimensions. For Example; Hold to 4:3 aspect ratio and to 16:9. This means there are 4 pixels in width for every 3 pixels in height, and likewise, 16 pixels for every 9 in height.


“Snipping” and “Jing” both are the best screen capture tool. Both are very easy to understand and allow user to produce great images for presentation and documentation and other stuff. The best thing about “Snipping” and “Jing” is – it’s free.

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