Adobe Dreamweaver CC with fantastic new features

Due to amazing technologies have come up over the past couple of years, amazing web designing software is required to keep the website look fresh and interesting. Adobe released the latest version of Dreamweaver; Dreamweaver CC with several exciting new features (CSS Designer, Creative Cloud Sync, and more). New Adobe’s Dreamweaver CC provides tools that help you to do both; designing and development.

The Creative Cloud service discovers the update existing to install automatically as part of the set of existing tools, also finds new versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, Edge Reflow and Flash.

This tutorial will help you to create a simple or complicated website using Dreamweaver CC, No need to have any previous experience of Dreamweaver, HTML or CSS. It is very easy to learn and implement because of its simple tools and guidelines.

What’s new in Dreamweaver CC

Dreamweaver CC has couples of handy new features with varieties of upgrades and improvements.

CC provides support to modern web standards with prior HTML5 and CSS3 features having matured nicely. Dreamweaver CC’s most clear improvement is its new CSS Designer which provides visual aids for CSS attributes that apply to objects. CSS designer allows you to quickly determine the properties affecting a particular element.

CSS Designer

Dreamweaver CC promoted a new CSS panel inside the software has given a new name: CSS Designer. This feature is a combination of the old-styled CSS panel with the latest CSS panel to become a new visual designed CSS panel which permits you to open and set visual properties, outputting both standards-based and vendor-prefixed rules automatically. It is also has a convenient new figured tab which allows you to look how inheritance is affecting the display of your selected elements.

The Edge Web Fonts library

With Dreamweaver CC using Web fonts have become easier. Adobe Edge Web Fonts library has verities of font style shown in the above figure. It is an open-source font library which includes fonts from Adobe TypeKit and Google Web Fonts. These fonts can be used at any site because it is open-source’s fonts and another interesting thing is that the Edge Web Fonts library is free to use.

A bigger monitor to work

Dreamweaver CC provides more in-built interface and a smoother workflow. It is also because of the huge CSS Designer panel. Dreamweaver comes in four view modes—the normal mode, Live view, Live Code, Inspect-gets tedious. In case of normal mode the HTML5 settings will be disabled. In case of Live view mode, you can only view the visible stuffs but cannot edit them in the Design panel, one of the interesting thing of this mode is that you can edit texts in code panel. Live view, relies on WebKit to show layouts.

Source Code with new font-style

Dreamweaver CC has offered a new font style for the source code view. This modernized font develops legibility and makes it easier to distinguish between different characters that share similar letterforms, such as 1, l and i. It’s not stylish by any means, but a slight change makes a big difference!

PhoneGap plugin

This feature comes as a plugin with Dreamweaver CC, Creative Cloud’s new subscribers will be benefited of PhoneGap plugin support, allow you to writer iOS and Android apps directly from your website content created in Dreamweaver.

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