Adding Subtitles To Google+ Videos

Google Plus (or Google+) is a multilingual social networking website, launched on 2012, by Google Inc. Google+ rivals Facebook with a plethora of features such as Google Circles, Google+ Hangouts, Ripples, Social gaming, Google+ communities etc. Although Google+ didn’t dominate Facebook, the network still has over 500 million registered users. Google keeps adding more features in Google+.

As Google+ is multilingual, the videos shared by users require subtitles, as they would be in different languages. It is possible to add closed captions or subtitles to Google+ videos. Google recently added a feature in Google+, which allows users to add subtitle files to the videos. The website presently supports SRT and SUB subtitle file formats.

These files will have the text information enabling the video to decide the subtitles that would be displayed at certain points in the video. The tutorial below will help you understand how to add subtitles in Google+ videos.

Creating a subtitle file (SRT)

A SubRip Text or SRT file is a simple subtitle file containing plain texts. SUB on the other hand requires software to create.

  • Step 1: Log in to Windows and open Notepad
  • Step 2: In the first line, type ‘1’ which indicates the order of the subtitle in the video in ascending order
  • Step 3: In the next line, give the time when the subtitle is to be displayed. The time should be in Hours: Minutes: Seconds format. Example: 03:30:20. If you give the time as 00:00:00 – – > 00:00:02, the subtitle will be displayed for 2 seconds at the beginning of the video.
  • Step 4: In the next line, type the text that will be displayed as the subtitle in the video at the time given in the previous line
  • Step 5: Follow this after leaving a blank line after typing the subtitle text.
  • Step 6: Go to File menu and click Save
  • Step 7: Type ‘.srt’ after giving the file name.
  • Step 8: Select ‘All files’ for Save As type and click ‘Save’. The subtitle SRT file is created.
  • Adding it to Google+ video

    • Step 1: Log in to Google+ with your ID and Password
    • Step 2: Upload the video you created the subtitle for in Google+
    • Step 3: Play the video after the upload from your Google+ Profile page
    • Step 4: In the Preview mode which appears, locate ‘Options’ at the bottom of the screen in the left corner
    • Step 5: Click on Options
    • Step 6: Select ‘Closed Captions’. The white panel which should appear on the right side of the video will now show a Closed Captions category.
    • Step 7: Click ‘Add new captions or transcript’
    • Step 8: Click on ‘Select File’ to upload the srt file you created
    • Step 9: Also select the subtitle language
    • Step 10: Now click ‘Upload’ to upload the subtitle and add it to the video. Now you will see a CC button at the bottom of the video.
    • Step 11: Click CC and choose the language of the subtitle or caption
    • Step 12: Now hit the Play button to watch your video in Subtitles.
    • Conclusion

      You can use this step to create subtitles in various languages supported by Google+. The subtitle you added in your video will be of use to hearing impaired individuals who watch the video. This simple trick can break language barriers. However, lengthy videos will require you to put a lot of effort to create subtitles.

      It can be difficult to set the subtitle timing. Nevertheless, the subtitles will be very much appreciated by viewers who speak different languages. You also have to make sure that the subtitles are in synchronization with the lip movements in the video.

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