Apache Storm - Applications

Apache Storm framework supports many of the today's best industrial applications. We will provide a very brief overview of some of the most notable applications of Storm in this chapter.


Klout is an application that uses social media analytics to rank its users based on online social influence through Klout Score, which is a numerical value between 1 and 100. Klout uses Apache Storm’s inbuilt Trident abstraction to create complex topologies that stream data.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel uses Storm topologies to ingest weather data. It has tied up with Twitter to enable weather-informed advertising on Twitter and mobile applications. OpenSignal is a company that specializes in wireless coverage mapping. StormTag and WeatherSignal are weather-based projects created by OpenSignal. StormTag is a Bluetooth weather station that attaches to a keychain. The weather data collected by the device is sent to the WeatherSignal app and OpenSignal servers.

Telecom Industry

Telecommunication providers process millions of phone calls per second. They perform forensics on dropped calls and poor sound quality. Call detail records flow in at a rate of millions per second and Apache Storm processes those in real-time and identifies any troubling patterns. Storm analysis can be used to continuously improve call quality.

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