Angular7 - Overview

Angular 7 is owned by Google and the stable release was done on 18th October 2018. This is the latest version of Angular.

Below is the list of Angular versions released so far −

Version Released Date
Angular JS October 2010
Angular 2.0 Sept 2016
Angular 4.0 March 2017
Angular 5.0 November 2017
Angular 6.0 May 2018
Angular 7.0 October 2018

The release dates for the next two major upcoming versions of Angular are given below −

Version Released Date
Angular 8.0 March/April 2019
Angular 9.0 September/ October 2019

Google plans to release the major Angular version every 6 months. The version released so far are backward compatible and can be updated to the newer one very easily.

Let us discuss the new features added to Angular 7.

Angular Update to V7

Angular 7 is a major release where in the angular core framework, Angular CLI, Angular Materials are updated. In case you are using Angular 5 or 6 and want to update to Angular 7, below is the command which will update your app to the recent version of Angular −

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

Angular CLI

While doing project setup using angular CLI, it prompts you about the built-in features available, i.e., routing and stylesheet support as shown below −

Angular CLI

Application Performance

In Angular 7, there is bundle budget added in angular.json as shown below −


Budgets is a feature added to Angular CLI which allows you to set limit inside your configuration to make sure your application size is within the limit set. You can set the size so that the app can be warned when the limit is crossed.

Angular Material and CDK

The version of Angular Material/CDK is updated in Angular 7. Also there are 2 features added to CDK − virtual scrolling, and drag and drop.

Virtual Scrolling

Virtual scrolling feature shows up the visible dom elements to the user, as the user scrolls, the next list is displayed. This gives faster experience as the full list is not loaded at one go and only loaded as per the visibility on the screen.

Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop elements from a list and place it wherever required within the list. The new feature is very smooth and fast.

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