Adobe InDesign CC - Story Editor

InDesign has a nifty feature that allows you to edit text without any distractions or the need to zoom in and zoom out of text frames. This feature is called the Story Editor which you can invoke by selecting any text frame and going to the Edit menu and clicking Edit in Story Editor or simply by pressing Ctrl + Y on Windows or Command + Y on Mac.

Layout for Editing

The Story Editor presents an easy to read, alternative layout for editing text. The default font in the Story Editor may put off a lot of people but it can be changed in the Story Editor Display section in Preferences. In this section, you can change the font, line spacing, text color, background, and the theme.

Note − The changes are limited only to the Story Editor window and will not affect the font in the actual text frame.


Changes made in the Story Editor reflect immediately in the text frame. The Story Editor also shows the entire text even if the actual text frame has only limited text in it.

Another ease of using the Story Editor can be seen by opening the Info panel, going to the Window menu, and selecting Info.

The Info panel shows precisely the number of words and characters selected and can be very useful when working with large amounts of text.

Info Panel
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