Adobe InDesign CC - QR Codes

QR codes are square blocks of graphical code that contain embedded information. QR codes are being increasingly used to condense all information into a single image. The QR code can contain an URL or product information or contact details.

QR codes can be read by smartphone cameras and a QR reader app. InDesign allows for creation of QR codes to contain virtually any information. It is most useful if you have contact details for a brochure and want to insert a QR code so that smartphone users can easily lookup your information without having to enter it.

Go to the Object menu and select Generate QR Code. This will open a dialog box where you can enter the information you want to generate a code.

Generate Code

You can select the type of QR code you want. It can be a website, plain text, email message or even a business card. You can also change the color of the code to your liking. When you click OK, you will get a cursor similar to placing an image frame. Just drag it to the desired size to insert the code. You can also place QR codes in existing frames.

Insert Code
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