Adobe InDesign CC - Image Fitting

Often, the images that we want to place in the document are larger and don’t fit completely in the frame we want. InDesign offers tools to ensure that you are able to fit the images exactly within the frames you want.

To do this, go to the Objects menu and then to the Fitting submenu. You will see that there are a few fitting options for you.

Fitting Option

The Fill Frame Proportionally command adjusts the image in the frame so that it fills the frame completely. However, this can result in some of the image being cropped off as shown in the following example.

Fill Frame

The Fit Content Proportionally command fills the whole content within the frame without cropping the image.

Fit Frame to Content changes the frame size with respect to the size of the image.

Fit Content to Frame scales the image to fit in the frame. However, use this only when needed as the scaling can be disproportionate.

Centre Content centers the image within the frame.

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